Mr. Kissell gains a primary challenger

In the person of Ms. Nancy Shakir. She's facing an uphill battle, for sure, but it's always good to see regular people running for office - especially when they have a commitment to helping other regular people make it through these challenging times.



is a tireless progressive who has spent much of her life advocating for others. I support her because I know she will carry her lifetime of service work to fight hard for the people of her District.
Big plus for me, she supports real health care reform that is badly needed by the 1 in 5 people without it in her district!

Is she pro choice or is she

Is she pro choice or is she wink wink "pro choice" like Larry ;)


The primary challenge is simple: Kissell ran saying he was going to vote to reform healthcare insurance. When the chips were down Kissell and his staff decided to put their need to remain in office ahead of their constituents needs to have access to health insurance.

Regarding reproductive rights, I believe Kissell is solidly pro-choice and would like to know if there is evidence to the contrary.


Nancy is a strong supporter of women's rights and reproductive health.


I'm a volunteer for Nancy's campaign.

I've known of her work and admired her for a number of years. She is the type of candidate I am willing to volunteer for; a proud progressive democrat, who stands strong for the things she believes in.

Cumberland Progressive Democrats

I met Nancy in Fayetteville at the Cumberland Progressive Democrats meeting when I was campaigning statewide in 2008. Background would indicate that she is genuinely progressive on issues, at least.

Additional notes: Writes a column for the Fayetteville Observer, hosts a radio show (I think), a writer, retired teacher, union activist, officer for the CPDs.

Dan Besse

Just info here:

"Born and reared in Jersey City, New Jersey, Nancy Shakir resides in Fayetteville, North Carolina where she is a community activist volunteer".

Now, let us be totally honest here, folks. Are we just going to support someone because of their "cummunity activist" activity?

There is more than that to be considered. It is a loser and so is she. I love her effort to death, but hey, let's be honest, y'all.

cummunity activist

Am I'm misreading this comment in some way?

What are you attempting to be honest about? What is the misspelling and the quotes about?

Your offhand dismissal of activism seems out of place. If you are just anonymously calling people names, I suppose you have as much a right to act like a jerk as anyone else...

I think 8th District Democrats who know of Kissell's attempts to derail popular Democratic reforms would be inclined to support any primary opponent.

Take a good look, Jerimee

What is the direction of this country currently? Is it what you want to see? Is it what our country needs? I am not being anti-progressive or anti-liberal or anti-democratic. I am being "common sense" and honest in this whole debate about our country here. No, I absolutely...let me repeat, ABSOLUTELY, do not believe that the conserv/repubs have any kind of answer to our plight. And, no, I am not dismissing activism. Taking what I said as just some kind of dismissal of progressive activism is incorrect. But, at the same time, we must be realistic here, my friend. I am not a "jerk" by wanting our government officials to be pragmantic and fiscally responsible. I am not against liberal or progressive thought by wanting our country to succeed rather than just going down the path of spending ourselves and borrowing ourselves into a black hole.

There is more than just adhering to some "mantra" that is depicted in rhetoric. It is FAR more dynamic than that.

Oh, and not spelling something correctly does not discount what is said in any post. You are stooping to a lower level on blogging when you try that.

a lower level

You put quotes on the "cumminity" - I thought it was some weird pun or attempt at accent that I didn't get.

Regarding the rest of your reply - you never actually expressed your point. From what I can tell your entire purpose was to name call.

It is as clear as I can make it

Jerimee, I did not make that post to pick a fight and I misspelled "community". Fat fingers, ya know?

Just a rant. I do that sometimes. Sorry if I offended.

You and I stand on the same side of too many issues to get into some kind of name calling/pissing match thing, like you said.

Reaction to Kissell votes

Fox, I think the point being made by this candidacy is the strength of the adverse reaction to some of Mr. Kissell's votes, especially his opposition to health care reform.

I note that I am not a spokesman for Ms. Shakir's campaign. Speaking only for myself, however, I would hope that Mr. Kissell will take note of the strength of outrage to that vote among the volunteer and contributor base which so actively supported his 2008 campaign. Strong disallusionment among one's base can seriously complicate re-election campaigns. To the degree that votes on the reform package were heavily influenced by political considerations--and every inside observer with whom I have spoken believes that to have been the case--this is a point for representatives to keep in mind.

There should be another showdown vote on health care reform coming relatively soon.

Dan Besse

I know what you are saying, Dan

But, this is an important debate that must come from those that are intimately involved in it, if you know what I mean. You, me, Nancy and others that just more or less have a considered opinion is just that...a considered opinion.

We desperately need heavy hitters in this debate and those that can offer up personal involvement and in-depth knowledge of the plight of those affected here.

Just opinion, Dan.

Our views

on the merits and importance of health care reform are certainly opinions (well-grounded in fact, I'd argue, but opinion).

However, the loss of activist volunteer and financial support for Mr. Kissell based on his "no" vote on health care reform is more objectively demonstrable. I understand that his financials look very weak at this point. Those would be further drained by an active primary campaign and could pose a real problem if he faces a well-funded challenge in the fall.

The contrarian view on the effect of his health-reform vote has been supported by citing polling which shows a plurality of voters in his district opposing the Democratic reform bills. Two points to that: 1) Many of those voters will not vote for a Democrat in any event. 2) Those numbers fail to take into account the campaign-deflating effects of disallusionment among his former core supporters.

How he chooses to respond is up to him.

Dan Besse

So let me get this straight

You think Kissell will be weakened by spending money on a primary and that will lead to a Republican like that nut D'nuncio being elected and that will bring about a more progressive government? Seriously? Are we going to be like Republicans and have a litmus test and have our party destroyed like the Republicans are doing to themselves? Don't see how that is constructive.

I sense your betrayal here and understand it. I do. But being scorned is keeping you from seeing the big picture--that is what I think Foxtrot is saying here. We waited a long time to get that seat back.

you say it a lot better than Fox does

I firmly believe primaries are good for democracy, and I certainly don't know of any reason why Democrats should be eager to clear a path for an elected so quick to turn his back on us.

That said, I can respect the difference of opinion when it is presented with some modicum of good faith.