Mr. Anal Language Weenie's Birther Language Awards 2010

The Homophone Award:

Goes to perennial candidate and vexatious litigant Andy Martin, the self-described Internet Powerhouse and also-self-described Father of the Birther Movement, for this enduring gem:

"Four years ago when Obama was sacheting to the Democratic Party’s nomination, Hillary Clinton was afraid to do anything."

The Swing-and-a-Miss Award:

Regina at American FAKE Grand Jury, who found a YouTube of the Lord's Prayer being sung, and found it so beautiful and moving that she quoted the opening line:

"Our Father, who AREN'T in Heaven ..."

If He aren't in Heaven, where the heck are He?

The Concise and Pithy Self-Contradiction Award:

Goes to bdwilcox, who wrote in response to an Obot suggestion that President Obama might possibly NOT be a CIA plant:

"Who said the CIA chose him? Obama ran on this story and now the CIA has to back him up to keep themselves covered. It also allows the CIA to easily manipulate him since they know the truth and could easily out him if they so chose."

They're terrified to cross him, except when he's terrified to cross them ...