Morning Reading

There are two interesting stories being blogged about today. First, Dent here and Pam here have information and background on the Greensboro police chief that has been keeping a blacklist of, well, black officers. People on this list were apparently investigated by a secret group of police at the command of the chief. Second, Dent follows a meeting in Carrboro to call for the impeachment of Bush here. While the first is much more serious than the second, they are both great reads, especially if you follow the links to get the context.


Gives new meaning to the phrase

police state.

Of course, no kind of corruption and sleaze should surprise us these days with the pathetic example King George and his Court set every goddamn day.

And regarding impeachment

It seems to me like David has already heard the strong sentiments of the district for impeachment and chosen to mostly ignore them. Maybe a challenger would motivate a more aggressive posture in all of this.

I have no delusions that any Democrat initiative toward impeachment would be dead on arrival, but that shouldn't stop the IMPEACH drum from beating.