Morning Post

Damn. Woke up with butterflies. Go read some Pennsylvania stuff.
Around here, things are hopping as the election stars align.
Endorsements are starting to fly fast and furious.
Look for a Legislators (and others) for Obama announcement soon.
Meanwhile Ellie Kinnaird gets an endorsement from Marc Basnight. Via Sen. Basnight this am:

To the editor:

Ellie Kinnaird is the type of public servant we all aspire to be. I can think of few others who care so genuinely about their fellow citizens, and work so tirelessly on their behalf. Her work in the State Senate has brought real benefits to Orange and Person counties, and to all the people of North Carolina.

Ellie's steadfast support for a fairer justice system, a cleaner environment, and a stronger University has led to progress on all counts. She truly affects how people feel about ideas that will make North Carolina a better place – and she has affected the Senate, and all of us who serve there, in an incredibly positive way.

In other words, Ellie is nothing short of fantastic – not just as a State Senator, but as a citizen of our great state. She is an effective and valued member of the Senate, she is a respected and admired voice in our legislature, and she is always going the extra mile for her constituents.

I am sure that the people of Orange and Person counties are proud to have Ellie Kinnaird as their Senator, just as I am proud to serve in the Senate with her.


Marc Basnight

More later. . .


I can't cure your butterflies...

....but, I can proudly declare, that my little sister in Pittsburgh, called me to let me know that thanks to all my work she was switching sides on her way to the polls. She was formerly of the Clinton camp, but she will be voting for Barack Obama today.