Morning Post

mmm late night . . .
Evidently there's been some hijinks over analysis at the Pentagon. Seems we've all be psyopted.
Our diligent press catches up. Waiting for Fox News and every other talking head TV network to recoil in horror and shame. FDL on same.
Shareholders 2.0
• Obama wins Forsyth straw poll (note that the WSJ site has a snappy new and somewhat annoying layout)
• Interesting change in the headlines on this campaign trend story in the Char-O and her sister the N&O — looks like someone got nostalgic
• The GOP race for Gov is getting to be a cozy little club
Angelou and Clinton at Wake
• Parts of WNC are ablaze (vid)
Immigration and the gov's race. Absolute shame to see Perdue and Moore's positions on the community college issue.


That Pentagon scamming

just goes to prove that war is indeed good business.