More McCrory Silliness

Public Policy Polling put out new numbers today on the possible general election match ups for Governor in North Carolina. They showed Democrats winning all eight possible matches. You can see the full results here.

This apparently did not bode well with the McCrory campaign. So they sent someone to the Under the Dome blog to attack our poll on the grounds that it was biased because we had more Democrats in our sample than Republicans.

Anyone with a lick of knowledge about polling knows that you need to weight your sample to fit the political demographics of the state- and there are more folks who identify themselves as Democrats in NC than there are Republicans- especially in the current political climate. We actually had a smaller percentage of Democrats in our poll- 47%- than the right leaning Civitas Institute did in a poll they released today- 49%.

Anyway I was curious to know who this guy was attacking us. I don't want to spam BlueNC by posting the whole thing here but you can get the very interesting answer on the PPP blog here.


Thanks for the links Tom.

Most people probably don't give a hoot one way or the other about this sort of thing, but I find that hard-core bloggers really have a problem when such sock-puppetry runs amok. A lot of this happened early on when BlueNC got started, and I still have some hard feelings about being abused, so to speak.

That said, interested newbies can learn fast if they want to. And they can also come clean by saying "I didn't know that wasn't kosher." I had to do that once a few years ago (before BlueNC) when I thought being a secret person was part of the schtick. That may still be true in some venues, but it's certainly not appreciated in most political discussions.

What idiots

The only "flaw" was that the poll actually had fewer Unaffiliated voters than there are in the state. In fact, your poll had Republicans 4 points higher than registration has them at, while Dems were only 2 points higher. Both of those of course just being statistical noise.

Actual Registration state wide

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"