More Endorsements for Edwards, SD Congresswoman Herseth-Sandlin D-South Dakota

It seems that the Friends of the Earth also agree that John Edwards is most suitable to taking our country towards the future of renewable energies and away from nuclear and fossil fuel energies.

What the President of Friends of the Earth stated about their endorsement of Edwards:

We believe that John Edwards is the candidate that is most committed and the best prepared to deal with the critical issue of global warming and to promote a healthy and livable planet for our families and our future.

Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin also stated:

We need the next president to be about family farmers and ranchers, not big agribusiness, which is promoting trade agreements that is making it more difficult for family farmers and ranchers to stay on their land.

That is also interesting when you consider that Hillary Clinton has just kicked off her "Rural Americans for Hillary" tour by having a lunch at the office of the lobbyist group for the biggest agribusiness company in the world, Monsanto.
Remember when Hillary said that Lobbyists represent Americans?

Excuse me, madame Senator, but the last time I checked, real Americans were not on the list for 56 superfund cleanup sites, or were trying to make genetically modified corn that could not produce seed for the next season so farmers would be dependent on your seeds, or for that matter "Roundup Resistant" crops. (Does not sound healthy to me)

Representative Herseth Sandlin:

That is why as co-chair of the rural working group, I have chosen to endorse John Edwards for President. He understands rural America because he is from rural America. I have no doubt that the U.S Department of Agriculture under the Edwards Administration is going to be good for the people I represent.

Congresswoman Herseth-Sandlin, I couldn't agree more. He will be good for the people you represent, good for you, good for me, good for all of us, because he SPEAKS FOR US, not the lobbyists and big business.