More Craziness (This Time Outside of Raleigh)

Pinehurst police officers arrested a man who was hiding in the crawlspace of a woman's house. "He carried a knife, machete, hatchet, saw, power drill, ski mask, gloves, duct tape and ties." Find out what this has to do with Richard Morgan. (Hint: he's not the stalker.)


Crazy sh*t.

The plot sickens.

Crazy sh*t.?????????? usual suspects?

Crazy sh*t.'s?*

Who? Morgan? Art Pope? John Hood? Ferrell Blont Head Wighunter
of the GOP party?
Slezly Bill Pleasee Party Puppet Yes man?
And a list of small time puppet thugs of the Pope
retardation think dream machine.

No doubt a TV cable series will come of this looney
march for power by these HBO charactors call "Crazy sh*ts
in Carolina"