More budget pain spelled out at meeting tomorrow

An important Medicaid advisory committee will gather at the McKimmon Center tomorrow morning from 9 to 12 to discuss the disastrous budget that was approved by the legislature after overriding a veto from Gov. Perdue.

Now Perdue is being forced to slash medical care to some of North Carolina’s most vulnerable citizens. This advisory committee will discuss options for cutting Medicaid including reducing physician pay and ending critical services.

Reducing provider reimbursements will inevitably hurt access. Fewer doctors will accept Medicaid patients as a result of this budget. Also, Medicaid “optional” services will suffer. These services are labeled optional because the federal government does not require that we offer them. But few people would consider transplants, ambulance transport, and drugs “optional”.

The commission will accept public comment and the meeting is open to the public. If you think health care access is important then please attend and please give your input.


Is there a mechanism...

...for those of us outside the Raleigh area to provide comments?


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