More Bad Black

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It looks like some sad stories just don't know when to end. Mr. Badness himself is in the news again with reports of influence peddling to help out optometrists. Dane Kane at the N&O has the latest story on Jim Black's shady dealings.

Six years ago, Andrew Watry sought legislation to help the N.C. Medical Board do a better job of policing bad doctors. Watry, the medical board's executive director, wanted tougher regulations and a fee increase to hire more staff.

But correspondence released to The News & Observer shows that Watry could not get his legislation through the state House until the board gave the state's roughly 1,000 optometrists something in return -- the right to perform five kinds of eye-care procedures that included injections into and near the eyes.

EARTH TO NC DEMOCRATS: Get off your asses and get rid of this guy before he pulls you all under.


Too late.

Damn it, why couldn't they stand up for the right thing when they had the chance. Now, this is going to be even worse.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.