More Action on NC's Death Row

A death row inmate was granted a new trial this week because the police failed to release records concerning the case as required by law. The scary part about this one was that the records were not released until after the date that the inmate was originally scheduled to be executed. From the Charlotte Observer:

A judge says a man who has spent 11 years on North Carolina's death row deserves a new trial because police failed to turn over files that could have helped his defense, the News & Record reported Tuesday.
Charles Walker's constitutional rights were violated when the Greensboro officers, now retired, withheld evidence, Superior Court Judge John O. Craig III said in an e-mail sent to lawyers in the case this weekend, the newspaper reported.
"I want to avoid finger-pointing as to why the Greensboro Police didn't turn over these portions of their files, and whether it was wrong," Craig wrote in an e-mail sent Saturday to lawyers involved in the case. "I think my obligation is to merely find that it occurred ... and the law requires me to rectify the omission."
Lawyers are to draft an order for Craig to sign and finalize the decision.
Walker, 40, of Brooklyn, N.Y., was hours away from dying by injection when the state Supreme Court upheld a stay of execution on Dec. 2, 2004.

This just illustrates one more flaw in the death penalty; there would have been no way to rectify this situation if he was executed as scheduled.


But, but, but . . .

what about the Republican culture of life? Oh. I forgot. It doesn't apply to:

alleged murderers
most people in Africa
civilians caught in war zones
enemy combatants
dictators (besides our own)
AIDs victims

Hypocrisy know no bounds.

In a world where Democrats had balls

In that world, we would bring this information up at debates and on TV/newspaper/blog interviews. When pressed on pro-life issues we would change the subject and say, "You know what, I'll respect their position on the "Culture of Life" when they join the Democratic "Pro-Life Campaign". Our Pro-Life campaign believes that innocent people like Alan Gell shouldn't nearly be put to death out of expediency, and that there are too many mistakes like those that happened in Charles Walker's case, that might cause other innocent men to die if we continue with the Death Penalty.

So, what do you say Senator Dole (as an example)? Are you for saving fetuses at all costs, only to have them die innocently on Death Row?

Do you believe in life, or are you really only Pro-Birth?

Do you believe in taking care of those you would drag into this world unwanted by increasing funding for Medicaid, or did you support slashing this program?

Do you believe in helping those newly born babies by funding newborn screens for curable diseases, or did you slash that funding as well?

I'll tell you what Senator Dole did, she slashed funding for children; for their health, for their education, for their families.

You Senator Dole are not pro-life, you madam are merely Pro-Birth.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.