A month to go ... updated

In 30 days North Carolina will vote for candidates to run in the general election in November. To say there's a lot at stake is an extreme understatement. Not just for our country, but also for our state.

In many ways, NC has been a right-wing laboratory for destroying government, a proving ground for voter suppression, extreme gerrymandering, and worse. Under Art Pope's toxic influence, we've plowed new ground for hyper-partisanship, opening the door to Republican corruption that seems almost unstoppable. Our university system has become fundamentally corrupt. Our public schools are failing to fulfill their obligations as underpaid teachers head for the doors. Our water resources face worse risks than they have in decades. Our roads and bridges are literally collapsing. And the GOP legislature has decided that our state doesn't even need an operating budget.

All these dangers derive from a depressing mix of incompetence and malice. But in the face of so much risk, we must redouble our resolve to elect Democrats across the board, up and down the ballot.

This post originally had my personal endorsements, but I'm rescinding those. As I read more today about what men are doing and have done to our society, I'm starting to think that gender may be my first criteria for president. Men and their male children just can't seem to keep their dicks in check. It's sickening. Which means my vote might go to either Elizabeth Warren or Amy Klobuchar.