Monday Open Thread

There are really only two hobbies that I enjoy more than blogging - gardening and working on campaigns. To me gardening also includes canning and preserving the bounty from my garden. We are in the height of pepper season and contrary to popular belief, you don't pick them already pickled. I wish I had taken pictures of the bushels of tomatoes I brought in. I can't believe I failed to document them in some way. We couldn't eat them fast enough, so this year I froze them whole to save them for the peppers so I could make salsa. That time has come.

This year we had rain early in the season, but have had a late summer drought. My garden is not within hose distance, so when I water my 1500 sq.ft. garden, I haul gallon jugs of water held in plastic storeage containers to the garden. This is where my four wheeler comes in handy. Even with a motorized means of hauling the water the process of watering the vegetable garden and fruit bushes can take up to four hours.

It is a labor of love.



What's on your mind?

My house still smells of hot peppers and it is hard to breathe without burning your nostrils. gets that bad. I'm slicing and seeding cayenne and serrano peppers for some hot pepper relish.

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Thank you!

I have to admit, that big watermelon wasn't very tasty. It wasn't bad, just not what I was hoping for. My cantaloupes have been delicious. Unfortunately, I've had to fight the deer for them. I hang containers of coyote urine in the garden which helps, but it is expensive. I just can't figure out how they get those coyotes to pee in a cup. :D

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Great looking veggies, Betsy!

I did pretty much the same produce, but different varieties. But I did get hit with that tomato blight during the season, so that ended my tomato sandwiches and thoughts of gallons of tomato paste. Also, with the increased wetness, most of my garlic rotted after I tried drying them out during the curing period. Just too much moisture under the skin. I did sweet potatoes for the first time, and that went well. Overall, it was better having the extra rain this summer, and I already ordered my garlic to plant in a few weeks, and we'll try again.


I'm fairly new to BlueNC, but, um, isn't this blog about politics? If not, no worries, just wondering.

This is an open thread

We talk about whatever we want on an open thread. All politics allathetime can get boring.

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It is mostly about politics for sure ... especially North Carolina politics. We also get into some national issues, though, and even some local issues.

Open threads are posted almost every day for those who want to talk about whatever.

Feel free to post something of your own! Thanks for introducing yourself.

All politics all the time

Growing and storing your own produce is a political act in today's food economy addicted to the agricultural-industrial complex.

Very nice Betsy!

When I was really young we lived in the mid-west. I remember a large garden and the canning of all kinds of produce. My favorite was the dill pickles, though. I haven't had a home made dill pickle in probably 20 years, but I remember them like it was yesterday. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING I've ever bought at a store or a deli tastes as good as those home made pickles did. My Mom made both cooked pickles and refrigerator pickles. They were both fabulous.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Those look yummy. Jamie, my

Those look yummy. Jamie, my wife, is dying to move to a house so that she can garden. Although she spends too much time on politics to do a lot of it - but don't try to tell her that! =)

I think of some of the best things to write about

when I'm out in my garden....

Then the sun goes to my head and I forget everything by the time I come up to the house. Sigh.

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What a haul! All that hard work and sacrifice has paid off.

Did you ever take and show pictures of your garden? If not, why not?

We've been making a mustard relish with our bell, jalapeno and banana peppers(both sweet and hot). We try to keep it to green and yellowish with a red thrown in for interest. When we use the reds exclusively we throw in one Habanaro and it becomes our red hot relish. Great with brats, kielbasa, pintos....

I'm doing a red hot relish with cayennes

I have enough to last about ten years. One bush and it is still just as full as it can be. Same with my Serrano pepper plant. My banana pepper plant didn't produce as much, but I have canned some sliced jalapeno peppers and a few jars of sliced Serranos. I'm still figuring out my temperatures. Last year my salsa and pepper relish weren't very hot. This year I think they're too hot. Still...tastes really good.

Oh, and had canned peaches for Ems. She loves them. Says they are better than commercial peaches. yay.

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Whoa, cayennes! You like it hot!

Cayennes take my breath away, I start coughing and have to go to another room or outside. The hottest I can go is one habanaro for a biiiiig pot.

Here in the sandhills peppers grow abundantly. Our friends who live in the northern part of the county, in the clay, don't get as many so we combine gardens to make different recipes. Like the relish and salsa. Our tomatoes, like Dennos had the blight this year so we didn't get to can any but we still have plenty left from last year. Although in my kitchen garden I do have one Roma bush that just keeps on bearing.

In the winter we get a jar of tomatoes out and make a hearty tomato soup. Comforting on a cold night!

Still life with watermelon

That top picture might become a painting, it's so beautiful.

Biggest watermelon I have ever grown

I usually can't get enough water to my garden to get really large veggies and fruit but it is tasty.

Campaign is over and this week is hell week, but look on your schedule over the next two weeks. Also, will be sending an email about your version of Drupal, etc.

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Pepper season! I've got a bunch of Thai's dried and getting ready to pickle more jalepenos. Can't keep Shadow the Dubious Dobie from stealing the habaneros. I had never seen tears stream out of a dog's eyes until I watched her chawwin on a big fat orange habanero. :-)

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