Monday Numbers: Some sobering truths for Climate Week


Lisa Sorg at NC Policy Watch breaks it down:

1 — US rank in cumulative CO2 emissions, 1850-2013

2 — US rank among all nations in CO2 emissions, 2017

30% — Estimated decrease in CO2 emissions in 2030 over 2005 levels if the Obama-era Clean Power Plan were to remain in effect

9% — Estimated decrease with the Trump administration’s rollback of the CPP

Which sort of explains why the Trump administration is not even taking part in this year's Climate Summit at the U.N., because they don't have any good answers for the inevitable questions that would be brought up. Trump is single-handedly trying to burn the entire planet down, probably so he can buy up the scorched land with a song and build golf courses and hotels. Lisa says it better:

If we continue on our business-as-usual trajectory of unchecked greenhouse gas emissions, the toddlers riding on their parents’ shoulders and the teens entering their senior year of high school will inherit a planet beset by rising seas, withering heat, wild weather swings, mass animal, bird and plant extinctions, and potentially billions of environmental refugees displaced by forces of a human made disaster.

This future is neither acceptable nor inevitable, proclaimed the millions of protesters in hundreds of cities worldwide who held a climate strike on Sept. 20. Uganda, India, Nepal, New Zealand, Sweden, the US — and Halifax Mall in Raleigh: They protested the malfeasance of global leaders who are doing too little — or nothing — to thwart the worst effects of climate change.

President Trump is among the world’s worst climate offenders. His administration has repealed, or proposed to repeal, crucial rules that limited methane — a potent greenhouse gas 85 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Under his leadership, the EPA weakened pollution controls on new and expanding power plants, proposed weakening fuel-economy standards for cars and trucks, as well as 20 more rollbacks on air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.