Monday News: Stalking by proxy


GREG LINDBERG HAD WOMEN HE WAS ATTRACTED TO FOLLOWED: The article, based on months of reporting, interviews with some of the women involved, interviews with security personnel and a review of internal reports and messages they provided, details Durham insurance magnate Greg Lindberg's approach to dating and to identifying potential egg donors to help him have a baby. The newspaper said Lindberg scoured social media, often keying on aspiring models, then had a surveillance team research each woman's habits and whether or not she had a boyfriend. At one point, they staked out a "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit model's apartment, The Journal said. Lindberg's team used GPS trackers and reported back if the women saw other men, the newspaper said. One investigator enrolled in a culinary school to keep watch, The Journal reported. In another case, staff rented an apartment across the hall and "chronicled her entrances and exits via camera," the newspaper said.

3 ARRESTED IN PITTSBORO OVER REMOVAL OF CONFEDERATE STATUE: Authorities say three people have been arrested during a protest over the removal of a Confederate monument in North Carolina. The Chatham County Sheriff's office says two women and a man were arrested for disorderly conduct and carrying concealed weapons Saturday in Pittsboro. Authorities say no one was injured during the demonstration near the Chatham County Courthouse, where the monument has stood for more than a century. Chatham's commissioners voted 4-1 in August to ask a United Daughters of the Confederacy chapter to have a plan by Oct. 1 to remove the statute. The county let the UDC install the statute in 1907. Without a plan, the county will declare it a public trespass by Nov. 1, making it eligible for removal. WTVD-TV reports the UDC didn't submit a plan.

FRANKLIN GRAHAM STIRS UP TRUMP-LOVING "CHRISTIANS.": “I do feel like we are, as Christians, the first line of defense for the president,” Christina Jones, 44, said before Graham took the stage. Trump is “supporting our Christian principles and trying to do his best,” she added, even as “everybody’s against him.” The impeachment furor is the latest test of Trump’s seemingly unbreakable bond with conservative evangelical Christians. Trump suggested this week that the peril of impeachment would only cement his ties to that voting bloc, which helped put him in office, and supporters who have stood by him through accusations of sexual assault and infidelity see no reason to back away from a president they view as unfairly beleaguered. Frances Lassiter, 65, dismissed Democrats’ pursuit of a case against Trump as “all a bunch of crap” designed to push him from office. Asked about comments Trump circulated from an ally and Southern Baptist pastor who warned of a “civil war-like fracture” if the investigation succeeds, Lassiter and others in the crowd shared concerns about political polarization further straining the country. “Could have a war, ... you just don’t know,” Lassiter said. “It’s scary.”

SECOND WHISTLEBLOWER EMERGES IN TRUMP/UKRAINE FIASCO: An attorney for the whistleblower who sounded the alarm about President Trump’s pressure on Ukraine said Sunday that “multiple” whistleblowers have come forward, deepening a political quagmire that has engulfed the president as well as several of his Cabinet members. The news comes as House Democrats are accelerating their impeachment inquiry and subpoenaing documents related to Trump’s efforts to push foreign countries to investigate one of his political opponents, former vice president Joe Biden. Mark Zaid, who also is a member of the original whistleblower’s legal team, confirmed to The Washington Post that the team is now representing a second whistleblower, someone who works in the intelligence community. The second individual has spoken to the inspector general of the intelligence community and has not filed a complaint.

TRUMP STABS KURDS IN THE BACK, GIVES THUMB'S-UP TO TURKEY TO ATTACK THEM: In a major shift in United States military policy in Syria, the White House said on Sunday that President Trump had given his endorsement for a Turkish military operation that would sweep away American-backed Kurdish forces near the border in Syria. Turkey considers the Kurdish forces to be a terrorist insurgency, and has long sought to end American support for the group. But the Kurdish fighters, which are part of the Syrian Democratic Forces, or S.D.F., have been the United States’ most reliable partner in fighting the Islamic State in a strategic corner of northern Syria. Now, Mr. Trump’s decision goes against the recommendations of top officials in the Pentagon and the State Department who have sought to keep a small troop presence in northeast Syria to continue operations against the Islamic State, or ISIS, and to act as a critical counterweight to Iran and Russia. Many Syria experts criticized the White House decision and cautioned that American abandonment of its Kurdish allies could widen the eight-year Syrian conflict and prompt the Kurds to ally with the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad to combat the much larger and more technologically advanced Turkish army.



You just don't do that

I know many reading this find war talk distasteful, so you may want to skip reading, but...

From the early days of the American invasion of Iraq, U.S. and Kurdish militia have cooperated with each other, and when ISIS sleazed out of Iraq and into Kurdish areas of Syria, that cooperation led to them fighting side-by-side. Trump brags about defeating ISIS (we didn't completely), but that wouldn't have happened without the Kurds.

They are the closest thing we have to reliable allies in that region, and thanks to Trump, we are about to abandon them. All because of another of Trump's goddamn phone calls.

Let me tell you what's going to happen. Turkish forces will attack the Kurds, sweep up a large area inside Syria (whatever Kurds survive will end up in prison in Turkey), and then retire back to their side of the border. This is exactly what groups like ISIS thrive on, and they (or some other group) will fill in that vacuum. And the rapes, killings, and slavery will return. And Donald Trump will be trying to figure out whether to use a 9 iron or a wedge to hit the green.