Monday News: Sorry doesn't cut it


N.C. GOP’S WOODHOUSE APPOLOGIZES AFTER RETWEETING ARTICLE CALLING TRANSGENDER STUDENTS ‘PERVS’ (Charlotte Observer) -- A North Carolina Republican Party leader apologized after retweeting an article from a conservative blog that calls transgender students sexual perverts and mentally ill. “Justice Department Kills Obama’s Pervs-In-The-Girls-Bathroom Rule,” reads the headline on the article on Red State. “I should not have re-tweeted this article,” he said. “I did not read it close enough and I am sorry.”

YEARS OF STATE INSPECTIONS COINCIDED WITH DELUGE OF COMPLAINTS ABOUT SHELTER (Fayetteville Observer) -- At least 22 complaints about the Haven - ranging from pets with open wounds to questionable facility practices - were emailed to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services from September 2001 through March 2013, according to state records. The department's Animal Welfare Section oversees shelters such as the Haven. Hurley's complaint was among those sent to the state. The state received at least five complaints about the Haven in 2015. Officials won't release details about the most recent complaints because they are part of a criminal investigation.

EASING NC’S CONCEALED GUN CARRY LAW WOULD BE DEADLY MISTAKE (Raleigh News & Observer) -- A GOP group wants to remove a concealed-carry permit requirement, one of the more foolish and dangerous proposals to come along in a while. A proposed bill from 10 Republicans in the General Assembly to remove North Carolina’s concealed-carry permit requirement for handguns has the odor of a gun-lobby sponsored maneuver. There’s no other way to say it: the idea is absurd, and dangerous. One hopes GOP leaders will stop this idea before it goes any further.

CALIFORNIA OPENED ITS RESTROOMS; NC CAN, TOO (Raleigh News & Observer column) -- As proud as I am to live in Raleigh, it turns out that we may have a thing or two to learn from our friends on the West Coast. On March 1, California will enact the nation’s most progressive restroom access law. The Equal Restroom Access Act, authored by California Assembly member Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) and co-sponsored by Equality California and the Transgender Law Center, requires that all single-occupant restrooms are universally accessible.

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