Monday News: One-Term Pat


MCCRORY TAKES JABS AT COOPER, WHINES ABOUT VOTER ID ABSENCE: McCrory, a Republican who lost to Cooper last November, had strong words for his successor on Hurricane Matthew relief efforts and on the lawsuits between the governor and legislature. “Shame on Gov. Cooper for trying to blame President Trump” for the government’s slow response to Hurricane Matthew funding, McCrory said. “Don’t blame someone else for the lack of leadership.” The former governor also had advice for the legislature. Republican House and Senate leaders were in the crowd at the NCGOP convention. “I know for a fact that we had a lot of noncitizens that were voting,” McCrory said. “Ladies and gentlemen, voter ID would have stopped it. Keep it a clean bill, stay with a voter ID law and get that passed.”

TRAIN HAULING COAL ASH DERAILS IN MOORE COUNTY: A CSX train hauling material used in the production of concrete derailed this morning in southern Moore County near Pinebluff. The derailment involving eight cars, was reported just before 5 a.m. on tracks between Addor and Pineluff Lake roads, authorities said. None of the rail cars overturned. The sealed cars were hauling fly ash, a product of coal combustion, authorities said. The derailment ripped the tracks from the ground and the force of the derailing cars bent them, according to a report from The Aberdeen Times. Pinebluff Lake and Addor roads were blocked as authorities determined there was hazard to the community.

TRUMP CRITICIZES MAYOR OF LONDON IN THE WAKE OF DEADLY ATTACK: President Donald Trump assailed political correctness, gun control supporters and the mayor of London on Sunday, arguing that the world needed to be more serious about fighting terrorism a day after seven people were killed and dozens more wounded in the latest attack in Britain. “We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people,” he wrote on Twitter. “If we don’t get smart it will only get worse.” Trump targeted Mayor Sadiq Khan of London, scorning him for trying to reassure his people. “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’” Trump wrote.

BOTH DEFENSE AND STATE DEPARTMENTS FILLED WITH EMPTY LEADERSHIP CHAIRS: Four months into his presidency, Donald Trump has filled only five of the 53 top jobs at the Pentagon – the slowest pace for nominations and confirmations in over half a century. The problem isn’t that the Senate isn’t confirming Trump’s picks, but that dozens of national security posts still don’t have nominees. The same issue is mirrored at the State Department, which has eight confirmed appointees out of 120 positions to fill. With the vacancies there and at the Pentagon, policy roles are in limbo at a time when the U.S. faces challenges on multiple fronts, from the Islamic State to Russia, North Korea and China. Trump has filled two of the 16 top jobs at the Department of Homeland Security.

12,000 NC TEENAGERS PER YEAR WOULD BE HELPED BY RAISING THE AGE FOR ADULT PROSECUTION: “Raise the Age” legislation to move North Carolina into the national mainstream and set the age for facing adult charges for many crimes at 18 is moving through the General Assembly despite resistance from some quarters. The change could affect nearly 12,000 teenagers who get in trouble each year, according to an estimate by the legislature’s research staff. Raise the Age advocates say it’s unfair and harmful to society to saddle an teenager with a lifelong criminal record for mistakes made in a reckless period of youth. Because their brains are still developing, the advocates say, teens are less mature, less able to control their impulses and less able to make rational decisions.