Monday News: Lunatic fringe

WHEN REPUBLICAN LG CANDIDATE GAVE GUN SPEECH, HE DIDN'T OWN A GUN YET: “When are you all going to start standing up for the majority?” he asked. “And here’s who the majority is: I’m the majority. I’m a law-abiding citizen who’s never shot anybody, never committed a serious crime, never committed a felony.” A video of his speech was shared by Greensboro-area Republican Rep. Mark Walker and took off, racking up millions of views and attracting national news coverage. Robinson started getting invited to speak at gun rights rallies — including the NRA’s national convention in 2018, where President Donald Trump also spoke. When he gave his now-famous speech about protecting law-abiding gun owners, Robinson didn’t actually own a gun but did have a criminal record. However, his record is relatively minor — nothing violent and no felonies — and mostly consists of traffic offenses. He also filed for bankruptcy three times in the late 1990s and early 2000s, has been taken to court a few times over unpaid debts, and has been the subject of numerous IRS liens for failing to pay thousands of dollars in taxes, as recently as 2012.

73 YEAR-OLD FAYETTEVILLE MAN LOSES GUN BATTLE WITH DEPUTIES: A North Carolina man who was shot by police has died of his injuries, authorities said Saturday. Fayetteville police issued a statement saying Gary Lee Tierney, 73, had died of injuries he received Wednesday. Authorities have said a a Fayetteville police officer returned fire after Tierney fired a handgun several times at police officers outside his home. The officers were responding to a report of a disturbance when they were met with an armed man who refused to obey commands and disregarded attempts to deescalate the situation, officials said. The officer has been placed on administrative leave as North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation continues to investigate the shooting.

AUSTIN'S SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST FESTIVAL CANCELED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS FEARS: The decision to call off the event marks a reversal for SXSW officials, who have spent the past week resisting appeals to do so even as coronavirus fears prompted other conferences to be shelved nationally and globally, spurred a wave of travel cancellations and fueled steep downturns in global financial markets. Austin public health officials had backed SXSW’s decision to press on, saying nixing the festival wouldn’t make the city any safer from the virus. But dozens of companies have bailed on the event in recent days, including high-profile names like NBC Universal, Apple, Netflix, Twitter and Intel. Many said they were doing so as part of broad discretionary travel bans they had instituted for their employees because of virus fears. In addition, a petition on describing SXSW as “irresponsible amid an outbreak” and requesting that it be canceled this year had garnered about 55,000 signatures at last check.

TRUMP CAME CLOSE TO CONTRACTING CORONAVIRUS AT CONSERVATIVE CONFERENCE: A growing sense of concern and uncertainty about the reach of the novel coronavirus has begun to take hold in the White House, after an attendee at a recent political conference where President Trump spoke tested positive for covid-19, the disease caused by the virus. Trump was photographed shaking hands with Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union, who confirmed that he had been in direct contact with the infected man during the Conservative Political Action Conference last month. The handshake at CPAC put Trump just two degrees of separation away from the virus that he has sought to minimize as it has rocked financial markets and tested his leadership skills. While the White House has maintained that Trump was never in direct contact with the infected person and does not have any symptoms, the potential close call at a political event underscores how the outbreak threatens to upend the president’s routine as he campaigns for reelection. “I’m not concerned at all,” Trump said Saturday when asked about the potential threat posed to the White House by the coronavirus. He also pledged to keep holding “tremendous” political rallies, even as top public health officials within his government have called for millions of Americans to avoid large crowds and major events to reduce the risk of being infected.

OIL VALUE PLUMMETS AS RUSSIA AND SAUDI ARABIA ENGAGE IN PRICE WAR: Financial markets have whipped around for weeks as investors struggled to quantify the economic impact of the spreading coronavirus: stocks have tumbled, oil prices cratered, and yields on government bonds reflected a sense among investors that there was worse still to come. But over the weekend, two of the world’s major oil producers, Saudi Arabia and Russia, added a new element to the mix by setting off a price war for crude. While low oil prices can be beneficial, they can also disrupt economies that depend heavily on petroleum dollars. The fall in oil prices since the start of the coronavirus also signals a global economic slowdown. Oil lost nearly a quarter of its value in futures markets on Monday, dragging shares of energy companies lower. It was what one analyst called “another acute shock to markets.” As stocks fell, investors seeking a safe harbor pushed yields on government bonds to historic lows. The yield on the closely watched 10 year U.S. Treasury bond, which falls as the price of the bonds rise, dropped below 0.5 percent, about half the level of just a week ago.



That's just what we need,

hundreds of people standing in line for hours, in close proximity to each other, just to hear somebody lie to them about the Coronavirus threat. Sheesh.

Robinson sounds like ....

... a grifter, looking for a way to make bucks off the GOP, like Diamond and Silk or any number of evangelical ministers that have latched on to Trump.