Monday Action Plans #2 and #3

These are important action plans that have upcoming deadlines.

One deadline could spell the end of hundreds of thousands of acres of our national forests. The other deadline could mean the end of a man's life.

If you haven't taken action on these two items, today is the day to do it! Find out how below the fold

Here is Lance's diary with the action steps to help Jerry Conner win new DNA testing.

Here is the action plan with email instructions to help us save our national forests. The deadline is this thursday for the public comment period.

We will repeat these each morning this week until the deadline.


Done and done.

If you're a new visitor to BlueNC, I hope you're sensing that we're all about action and information. Bookmark the site -- and you'll have easy access to loads of action items . . . as well as one-stop-shopping for contacting all sorts of public officials and media outlets. Just hit the Action Center in the upper right corner. And let us know if you have items to add. Thanks.