Misogyny within Voller Faction of NCDP hits new low

The heat is on and Randy Voller’s personal blogger, George Fisher, a former candidate for the NC Senate, David Moore, and Moore’s cadre of sock puppets have been busy little bees. The two men and have been flitting about Facebook writing some of the pettiest comments I have seen in my 10 years of blogging. These men rank up with some of the foulest misogynists I’ve run into, and while I’m perfectly capable of tuning them out, it seems they are intent on bringing down Marshall Adame, the man they have been supporting for chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Their most recent fit of misogyny involves a photograph that was taken at the candidate forum in Wake County at the end of January. A young woman, who is a member of Young Democrats and active with Democratic Women, had her picture taken with Marshall Adame and then posted it on her Instagram account. Since she tagged Marshall, it was visible on his timeline. Anyone who is a friend of his could see it.

George Fisher, Chris Telesca, and David Moore pounced. It apparently was just too much for them. The conversation went like this.

George Fisher: YD hottie crushing on old guy politicos equals black ops plant. Lol
Chris Telesca: Not if the old guy sees it coming a mile away

Lucia S F: Too funny…

Chris Telesca: …and pathetic at the same time. A certain red-head tried that a few years ago and it didn’t work then either.

David W Moore: Look, young little tramps hustling old guys is nothing new

Chris Telesca: David, “tramp” is not PC.

David W Moore: Chris, if that isn’t PC, then why do so many go and get a tramp stamp proudly tattooed to their rumps?

David w Moore: At least I didn’t say Ho.

Click for a larger view of the image.

Pretty disgusting on its own, but following the photograph posted to their candidate’s timeline it moves beyond stupid sexist banter. This isn’t a private group. It is a public page on Facebook with the conversation marked to public. Anyone can see it – the young woman, her friends, her family, and Marshall’s wife. SEC members can also see the conversation and might assume that with Marshall’s close affiliation with these men that he also shares their sexist views.

It also suggests a dangerous attitude that has permeated Goodwin House since Randy Voller took over as chair.

This conversation isn’t the only time George Fisher and David Moore have exposed their views on women. In an earlier exchange, Moore showed his loathing of Lillian’s List and the women who have served that organization. As I pushed back at Moore’s obviously sexist views, Fisher deleted my comments leaving a very one-sided conversation.

David W Moore: George, you are doing an excellent job of engagement here. Others may come forward and seek the democratic party chairmanship, that is how it is designed. Whether it’s Patsy Keever, Randolph S. Voller, or someone else not yet announced is not nearly as important as whether or not they will commit 110% to Hillary Clinton in the very near future. There is no available space for those that are not onboard, especially at this level!

David W Moore: My only concern is to prevent conflicts-of-interest by not have Lillians List persons in charge of NCDP duties.

Betsy Muse: David W Moore…by that I assume you mean women?

David W Moore: I mean officers, past and present.

Betsy Muse: So…women with valuable management and organizing experience… I guess all the other little ladies are allowed to apply.

David W Moore: The Lillians List organization is a separate organization based around gender bias, and is innapropriate for a party trying to be inclusive to others. They have no place at the state level.

Betsy Muse: So…because they support wome candidates they can’t have a seat at the table. What about organizations that support other minorities? Are you going to exclude them as well?

David W Moore: Are they gender biased? Those that based in bias are a out two levels below the KKK.

Betsy Muse: So bias is ok, as long as it doesn’t favor women. Right…gotcha. Comparing Lillians’s list to the KKK. Your level of ignorance and hatred of women is stunning. What, did all the popular girls in high school shun you? Your mother didn’t nurse you? Your wife left you? Your daughters don’t want to spend time with you? Your female dog peed in your favorite tennis? Seriously…why do you hate strong women who support other women so much?

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The North Carolina Democratic Party needs new leadership. We hope to get new leadership on Saturday. Let’s just hope the party steers clear of anyone affiliated with Voller, Fisher, or Moore.



Not "Misogyny"...

...but "identity".

There are many threads about folks who go on FB pretending to be someone they are not. They should be outed and rightly so.

There are also many people who claim to live/reside in places they do not. Recently a District Chair was removed from office because, among other things, there was ample evidence that he did not reside in the district he was Chair of.

There are also a lot of people who run for party office using a name they are not registered to vote under. This was the case here - not "misogyny". In fact we've recently had someone running for Secretary of the Wake County Democratic Party under a name different than they are registered to vote under.

In the case of the young woman in question, she and I talked and she claimed she and her husband had recently moved from Raleigh to Pitt County. I asked her what part of Raleigh she and her husband had moved to - and she gave me some street names that sounded like she lived near me and possibly in my precinct. She still didn't sound too sure, but we became friends on Facebook. She helped me out out lit for Ron Sanyal, and then helped later on that night at the end of the meeting.

She also spent time talking with George Fisher - sought him out in the front sitting room from what I recalled.

She has a very unique first and last name, so I thought it I would be able to find out if she was still registered to vote in Pitt County or was registered here in Wake. She is listed as an officer of the Pitt County Young Dems, but there is no voter registration record of her under that name or anything like it as a Democrat in NC.

I was trying to find a way to make her feel welcome in the Wake County Democratic Party by seeing if she wanted to run for a precinct or other party office, but I can't do that if she's registered under some other name. But it makes me wonder why so many people don't use the same name to ID themselves as they register to vote under?

And several years ago - a certain person who loves lobbing the word "misogynist" around set up a fake FB under the name "SaiJayani Patel" account and tried to friend me and flirt with me. She claimed to have met me at the NCDP Convention and SEC meeting in New Bern in 2008. There was of course no one registered to vote under that name in the NC SBOE database, and I told her so. She made up one excuse after the other as to why she used a different name on FB than she was registered to vote under. But I didn't buy it.

Due to her own sloppiness she outed herself to XXXXXXXXX under both her real name and her sock-puppet name "SaiJayani Patel" in an e-mail that I still have a copy of - if anyone would like me to post it here I will be glad to do so.

So the whole experience with this woman from Pitt County brought back memories of dealing with "SaiJayani Patel", so I figured I would play it safe and look up the voter registration information to make sure I wasn't dealing with a real-life sock puppet.

So I mentioned it to George, and I guess he felt like he needed to comment on it. I told both George and David that I didn't approve of their comments, but I don't have the ability to take them down.

And it's Goodwin House - not Baldwin House - get it right!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

I wrote Goodwin House

and nothing defends your misogyny


Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Please stop Exploiting those close to me.

That Young Lady being referred to is a close friend to Marshall and Becky Adame.
Any talk which denigrates her in any way is a personal affront to me. I would very much appreciate it if all of you stop exploiting such a fine person and dedicated Democrat.
This is a terrible way treat each other. I feel terrible that anyone would seek to hurt me by exploiting such a wonderful person.
Furthermore, associating me with anyone's "faction" is an insult to how I have lived my life.
If you need to associate me with a faction, then associate me with the "Democratic party". ... Thank you.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

Marshall...nobody is exploiting anyone here

We are calling out misogynists. I hope you will direct your comments to George Fisher, David Moore, and Chris Telesca.

Also, I did not associate you with this faction. I said these men appeared to be intent on bringing you down.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Chairman Voller's attitude is a good one

I assume on BlueNC that we are nominally all on the same side, but I have to wonder after reading Betsy Muse’s latest bromide.

If she actually knew Mr. Voller like a number of us do then she would know that he has always supported women’s issues, championed strong, smart and talented women and has pushed to elect a number of women in Chatham County including the first African-American woman to the Town Board, Mayor Pro-Tem Pamela Baldwin, two current town commissioners, and essentially all of the women who have been elected to office on the Democratic Ticket in Chatham County since 2005.

But hey, don’t believe me, here is Justice Robin Hudson had to say:

“Please let them all know how much we appreciate everything you and Casey and all of them and the state party did to help get the word out - for me in the primary, and for all of us in the general. The Blue Ballots were everywhere, volunteers, too, and I have no doubt that effort propelled our victories. ‎Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
All the best,

Of course one wonders what she mean about “the dangerous attitude that has permeated Goodwin House since Randy Voller took over as chair.”

Is that the attitude that championed the little guy and pushed for a raft of progressive resolutions?

Or the guy that supported HKOJ long before it was sexy and supported the “Moral Monday Movement” when it started with a handful of protesters back in the spring of 2013?

Maybe she means the man who thought talented women should receive equal pay even as women in leadership in the party, such as Patsy Keever, thought the current Executive Director should be paid considerably less than her MALE predecessor was paid. In fact, Voller was the only Chair who paid a woman equally. If you do the research you will find that Mr. Parmley’s interim replacement, Tammy Brunner, was paid substantially less as well.

Perhaps Betsy means the Chair who pushed against the school to prison pipeline and who openly advocated for drug reform, legalization of Hemp and for North Carolina to step forward and be a leader with Medical Marijuana as opposed to a follower.

Now I know Mr. Voller is not everyone’s brand of tea and he is not always sweet, but Betsy’s continual attacks that fly in the face of the evidence seem mean spirited and over the top.

Betsy owes Mr. Voller an apology and needs to focus on turning her Red county (Union) Blue instead of smearing Democrats who already know how to get the job done.


Why should Betsy Muse apologize to Randy Voller when the article is about George Fisher, Chris Telesca, and David Moore?
Or are you saying that an "attack" on George Fisher, Chris Telesca, and David Moore is an attack on Randy Voller?


You have no clue what you are talking about.

Everyone knows you worship Randy Voller. You will find no fault with him no matter what he has done.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

So define your terms, Betsy

I work with Chairman Voller, and have a better knowledge of his working attitude and accomplishments supporting the women who stood as candidates in Chatham County and North Carolina than you do.

Please, I challenge you to define any time he has been a danger to women or been shown to support any sort of "dangerous attitude that has permeated Goodwin House since Randy Voller took over as chair."

You can't, because there are none.

How about when he denied about 50

women the right to vote at the UCDP County Convention in 2013 and then about 50 women the right to vote in the 8th and 9th District Conventions because of his interference in our party - for reasons he has never...not once ever..explained. He then tried to deactivate our county party and has NEVER given us a reason or apologized for that interference.

So, Virginia...there you have it. He prevented women and African Americans from participating in the party process simply because from all appearances, he wanted his friend to serve as chair.

We won in the Council of Review and Randy has still not apologized.

Now..I'm sure you are going to fall all over yourself defending him....in 3...2...1...

Because you are that predictable.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Looks like I retired just in time


I've never been a party insider, and all this reminds me why. It makes me want to get a lobotomy.

The one item that does interest me, however, is the use of the BlueNC name. I recently saw a quote attributed to "BlueNC" on a Facebook page, and it really upset me. "BlueNC" didn't write the quotation being used. In fact, BlueNC doesn't write anything except posts where the author is names as BlueNC ... which is usually me or Steve.

Most normal people look at all the insider shenanigans going on in the party and think "How crazy is this?" I certainly do.

: )

Wait until you see the next installment

It includes a white man posing as an African American woman, calling a white woman a racist....crazy stuff

...but that's the Voller faction of the Democratic Party for you. Some people refer to them as the Teacrats.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Right, Betsy

He denied the women, but not the men? No, wait...

His friend was a MAN? No, wait...

He won, but has not apologized? No, wait...

Sorry, Betsy, I guess I am clueless. You will have to fill in more detail, because I have no clue what you are talking about.

I do know Chatham County has had the highest voter turnout in the state for three cycles, defeated our GOP Commissioner majority resoundingly, won every seat a Democrat ran for in the last two, and the surrounding counties are now all securely Blue.

And what about Union County? Maybe you should get to work on your own turf, and leave winners alone to do what they do best -elect Democrats.

You are right

You are clueless. Of course, he also denied the men the right to vote. That doesn't make it any better.

When Randy Voller disenfranchises people...he goes all the way. Ding ding ding...you won this round.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

So this is all about Union County

So your justification for your attacks on Chairman Voller is due to a flawed County Convention that occurred in your county in 2013? Pitiful. You have certainly spent a lot of time and vitriol attacking him and no time understanding the structural reality in your Red county and real issues that you have in and around your party. You live in Jesse Helms’ home county, a Red county with a very low Democratic performance, with party members who have allegedly failed to distribute Obama signs in 2012 and made some of the African-Americans feel uncomfortable including some of your former African-American members of the State Executive Committee and yet all of the blame for your county’s dysfunction is due to the Chair?

I attended a few of the listening meetings with your disgruntled folks and I am also aware that the Black Leadership Council (BLC) for your part of the state met in 2013 to discuss issues in Union County and more specifically issues around racial insensitivity regarding some of the white members of the Union County Democratic Party.

Perhaps you are without sin and perhaps you have never made a mistake, but the issues raised regarding the Union County Democratic Party and the events that led up to the flawed convention of 2013 were directly related to personalities in Union County and real feelings from real Democrats in Union County that had racial overtones.

Betsy referred to a specific event that Voller

insinuated himself into. His actions were unnecessary, uncalled for and beneath the dignity of any respectable state chair.
You are offering nothing but a change-the-subject bunch of hearsay.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

No Virginia

Randy Voller has no business in any leadership position anywhere...ever. This is about shining a light on his abuse of power so that North Carolina Democrats never make the mistake again of trusting him.

There you have it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.