Minimum Wage Passes

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I would give some analysis, but I have some more studying to do before bed.


Good first step

Now we need to index it for inflation and let the increases happen automatically.

The increase will put it at $12,792 per year, which is still not a lot. 140,000 hard-working NC taxpayers get a raise January 1st.

Wal-Mart and McDonalds are crying tonight, but this is a victory for NC workers.

Good work and thanks

To all who took the time to write LTEs and send emails to your representatives!


Some posts simply don't need to be fleshed out or filled up. Simplicity works for this one. I realize that 140k people in a state this size, isn't a lot of people, but they are the very people who need this increase the most. Students who are saving for college or earning money to help out their families....Adults working their second or third job might have a raise at both or all three and that could be the difference between staying on welfare or getting off welfare. Anyone who works two or three jobs does NOT have public assistance as their life's goal. These are the people who deserve this the most.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

140,000 vs 1.5 million

The 140,000 makes up a small portion of the 1.5 million North Carolinians without healthcare. But, they are all a part of it. Most people making minimum wage have no health insurance of any kind. One study showed that each of us with health insurance pay nearly $1000 a year in extra premiums to cover these folks. Not to mention the taxes we pay to cover those on medicaid, the higher prices we pay at the hospital to make up for those without insurance and so on.

The North Carolina Committee to Defend Healthcare will soon have a new website design and an online signup. Keep it bookmarked.

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I was with Becky Gomer from Working Families Win (at Drinking Liberally!) when she got the news last night...needless to say we were all thrilled. I posted a diary of Becky's emails with information about the Bill reconciliation a few days back.

Here is Becky's message on the passing of the new wage:

To Friends of Working Families,

Thank You For All Your Hard Work!

Last night the NC Senate passed House Bill 2174, which will raise the state’s minimum wage by $1 to $6.15 per hour! The floor vote was 37-12. This means even Senators who were not big supporters of a minimum wage increase voted in favor of it because they heard from you! Business lobbyists were whispering in one ear, but with you shouting in the other ear, they did the right thing and voted for the increase. Now the legislation heads to Gov. Mike Easley's desk, who has promised to sign it.

Congratulations to all of you who e-mailed or called your legislators - your support was invaluable!
Because of your work, over 139,000 North Carolinians will receieve at least a $1 raise.

**Click here to see a legislative update from the NC Justice Center

**Click here to see Charlotte Observer's coverage

If you are interested in attending Gov. Easley's bill signing ceremony, please call me at 704-200-8801 (date & time to be determined). In addition, there have been rumors that after nearly a decade of blocking a federal increase, the US House may give this issue a floor vote! Needless to say, if this happens voters will be able to know where their Congressman stands on this important issue. I will be in touch with you as I hear more about this development in Congress. Until then, thanks again!

Becky Gomer
Southern NC Organizer
Working Families Win
2028 Woodland Drive, Unit D
Charlotte, NC 28205