Mike Nifong is an Idiot

I have tried to stay out of the Duke Lacrosse/ Mike Nifong scandal for a while, but this article drew me in; Mike Nifong has been hinting at his incompetency during the investigation of the rape claim, but his actions with regards the Animal Control Advisory Committee prove beyond a doubt that he is an idiot. Okay, here is what happened: the Durham DA's office has a long standing tradition of providing a member to the County's 8-member Animal Control Services' volunteer advisory board, Nifong served as the DA's representative since his appointment, but he recently sent an angry e-mail suggesting he would resign his position simply because some other board members signed the petition to put Lewis Cheeks on the ballot to run against Nifong:

n a July 28 e-mail message to his fellow board members, Nifong wrote that he "was truly dismayed at the number of my fellow board members who signed the Lewis Cheek [petition]."
"Since it is apparent that many of you do not have confidence in me, I intend to reassess the position of my office with respect to representation on the board and to inform you of my decision about whether we will continue to participate within the next two weeks," Nifong wrote.

So Nifong either is such a baby that he cries and goes home whenever anyone does not like him, or he is such an egomaniac that he thinks anyone that wants to be associated should support him in everything that he does. Either way, I stick with: Mike Nifong is an idiot.



Baby. Egomaniac. They all would seem to fit. Too bad Cheek pulled out.

Jeez, you're right

So, what, he goes through the petition signatures and says "who can I give crap to over this?" That is pathetic. Unless there's something I'm missing here, that is simply pathetic.

An N&O Blog adds commentary to the story today

Which is strange seeing as they had three days with the story. And are now posting the blog post hours after I say something here?:

Did he read every one of those 10,000 names?
Where'd he find the time? I thought he was supposed to be prosecuting the biggest case of his career.
And what does he have in store for the other thousands on the petition sheets? Maybe a database to use in court.... "NO plea for you! You signed the Cheek petition!"


Okay Tar. Time to back away from the edge. It's fine for you to go be a lawyer and all, but spending your afternoon reading N&O blogs? Man oh man, that's low.