Middle v. Upper Class

Today during the speech by John Edwards that I went to today someone asked the question, why should the middle class have to pay for the poor people....?

My friend said something to me about people in the middle class tending to align themselves with the most upper-class in society, as opposed to aligning themselves with the lower class. It's like everyone has this psychological bent to see themselves as richer than they are. So when Democrats talk about raising taxes for the richest part of society, people are feeling personally attacked. They feel like they are the richest part, and they already are squeezed by the taxes as they are.

The Democratic party, if its ever going to convince vast numbers of Republicans to believe in what they are saying, needs to convince people that most of them are not in that upper class whose tax levels will be raised (under dem plans). They need to create a real middle class that people actually associate with, and then seperate them from the upper class.

I have no idea how to do this, but if they do, I think that dems will be a lot more successful in convincing people to raise taxes for the richest parts of society.