The Micromanaged Life

Dear NCGA,
I usually make decisions on my own but as you seem to have the answer for everything that ails North Carolina, I thought I’d seek your advice on a few things.

It’s raining this morning, what should I wear? Should I take an umbrella with me? And should I take lunch or eat out?

The gas gauge in the jeep is down to a quarter tank and I’m driving to Raleigh Monday morning, should I fill up before I hit I-40 or wait to see if that station on Peace Street has it at a lower price?
Should I park in the visitor’s deck on Salisbury Street, or over across from the History Museum on Wilmington Street?

Talk radio? Rock? Top 40? Country? NPR?

Which family do we visit for Thanksgiving this year? Mine, or my husband’s? What should we be thankful for?

Our son has gone to grad school for a Masters in Education--what advise should we give him?

Halloween is coming, should I give out M&Ms or Skittles this year?

Who should UNC be playing for quarterback? And should Larry Fedora open up his play-calling process, you know, for transparency’s sake?

Who should Roy start this year? Who should he be considering?

Going out to dinner Friday night.... Should we go for fish? Italian? Or just grab a burger?

The jeep needs an oil change--should I schedule that for now or wait till you adjourn? I don’t want to miss anything. What? Oh, yeah, that’s the one thing you can’t seem to decide on.

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Observer of the UNC President Search