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John McCain’s fake hysteria was on full display in last night’s debate. Discussing voter registration drives in predominantly urban and minority communities McCain said this:

We need to know the full extent of Senator Obama’s relationship with ACORN, who is now on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history in this country, maybe
destroying the fabric of democracy.

Nonsense. Don’t be fooled by the predictable right wing hysteria over ACORN and “voter fraud.” Here is a helpful glossary of terms:

1) Voter Registration Fraud: This is when registration cards for “Mickey Mouse” are submitted. These are easily identified (often by the group registering voters i.e. ACORN since they are required by law to submit all registration forms…even the one’s which are obviously fraudulent). Effect on the integrity of election results? None.

2) Voter Fraud: This would be if “Mickey Mouse” actually showed up and tried to cast a vote. Effect on the integrity of election results? Negligible. From 2002 to 2005, only 25 people have been convicted of voter fraud. That’s 8 per year…nationally.

3) Voter Supression: This would be if Michael “Mickey” Johnson was a correctly registered and fully qualified voter. He is likely to be African-American; living in a predominantly African-American neighborhood… in a battleground state. His right to vote may be suppressed by the following means: innaccurately and illegally purging from voter list, disproportionately long lines to vote in minority neighborhoods, votor “caging”, scurrilous intimidation tactics such as blanketing a neighborhood with fliers stating “people with unpaid parking tickets will be arrested if they attempt to vote”, being purged from the voter list if your house is in foreclosure, etc. Effect on the integrity of the election process? Significant. Recognize that tens of thousands of legal voters can be disenfranchised with one keystroke.

If there is a threat to the fabric of our democracy it is voter supression. Whenever our right wing friends mention “voter fraud” they are laying the groundwork to disenfranchise legal voters. It is particularly shameful that the votes they don’t want to be counted are those of low income and minority voters.


Since we've been told off and on that NC is a battleground state

I believe we should be prepared, in both urban and rural areas, for shenanigans in both small and large proportions. After what we've seen in the last 8 years, and after what we've seen of the McCain campaign, I trust the Republicans about as far as I can throw them.

I'd like to know that there are lawyers standing ready beginning today to deal with any nonsense.

I don't think he can cross post at Under the Dome

The posting there is done by the political reporters for the N&O. The commenting is done by those of us brave enough to still head over there. I read it. I like to know what everyone is thinking, even people I disagree with. For a while there, I was only reading stuff here, and I got a really skewed view of the world! Damn! I thought everyone was like us! They're not!

What a shock. :)

That's why I don't read anything else, Linda

I know y'all are correct in what you say here, so what is the point?


North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

But . . . but . . . but

I thought what was crossed was of S J's own hand, so that s/he could post it as well as a comment at the Dome. But if it was someone else's work, then yes, that person would have to give permission. But assuming that weren't a problem, then it could be posted as a comment -- there are plenty of posts and comments to which it is responsive.

I suppose technically it could be posted that way, though I

doubt it would stay up at The Dome for very long. I was just over there. This is the first time I've felt the decidedly RedState feel of the place. They are running BJ Lawson's ad and Les Merritt's ad, for chrissakes.

I hope ole BJ is paying out some of Ron Paul's money to the News and Observer for that free "air time" they're giving him. Maybe it will forestall more newsroom layoffs. I'm sorely disappointed in The Legion this time. I've defended them in the past, considering that you've got to dance with the ones that brung you and all, and they are a McClatchy paper. But day-yum. I didn't find one positive spin on a Democratic story today. Not even anything cool about the fact that on the first day of early voting, turnout is fierce. (Can I get a hell yeah!)

I'm very disappointed in them indeed. And yes, I posted so. (I'm maiapinion over there.)

How about running Coach Carter's ad, Legion?

You're The State's newspaper, right? There is an awesome ad for Coach Roy Carter. It needs to be seen. I dare you to put it up. I dare you.

also remember...

The bogus "voter fraud" issue is what got the US Attorney's fired by Bush/Rove/Gonzalez.

This ad should be seen by the good people in Roy's District

While you're waiting for the DCCC to help fund it and get it on the air, pass this along in an email to all your Dem friends in the area and ask them to pass it on too. People will forward complete lies, give them the truth to pass on!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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