A message from Jeanette, Tilden and Carrie Hagan: "For Our Mom"

Jeanette, Tilden and Carrie Hagan sent the following email to Kay Hagan supporters earlier this afternoon along with a link to this video about Early Voting for Kay Hagan:

Dear Friend,

Our mom has been there for us for our entire lives. She's helped us out at every turn and we couldn't have asked for a better fan. And in this race, there's no doubt we're her biggest supporters.

For the past few months we've been donning our Kay Hagan t-shirts and speaking to thousands of North Carolina voters about our mom -- Kay Hagan.
Hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians have already voted for Mom.

Have you?

Take a look at this video featuring Governor Jim Hunt about Early Voting in North Carolina and find out where you can register and vote early.

Early and One-Stop voting takes place from now until Saturday, November 1. So even if you are not registered you can still register and vote then. And of course, you can still vote on Election Day if you are already registered.

Click here to find out where you can register and vote early in North Carolina.

When Mom was deciding to run for the U.S. Senate she came to us. She enjoys spending her free time with us but was worried there wouldn't be as much of that if she ran.

We told her, "Mom, you need to do this, and we'll be there to help."

When she entered the race, she didn't do it for herself, she did it for us -- for our future. She wants to make sure the country she passes on to our generation is better than the one she inherited from her parents.

We know she will do an excellent job standing up for North Carolina in the U.S. Senate. Her dedication, work ethic and energy are unmatched.

We need your help to send our mom to Washington to advocate on behalf of hardworking North Carolinians who have been overlooked during the Bush-Dole era.

Visit this website to find out where to vote early and forward this email to your friends today.


Jeanette, Tilden and Carrie Hagan

Disclosure: I am Kay Hagan's Online Communications Director