Meeting Sen. Barack Obama

About two months ago I had the opportunity to join a small group of North Carolina political activists at a Durham meeting with presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Barack Obama. Though I am prohibited from choosing sides in a Democratic primary because of my role as district chairman, it is vital to take opportunities to meet the candidates as they visit the Tar Heel State. The Illinois Senator, as expected, was very impressive and, also as expected, his 10-minutes of remarks were inspirational and informative. He was also quite pleased to know that he had won a plurality of a straw poll at the Richmond County Democratic Convention in April. Regardless of what candidate you have chosen, it is safe to say that Obama is a rising star.

What are your thoughts of the Senator? His opponents? His chances in the Eighth District and in North Carolina's May 2008 primary?

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Save that photo

it's a good one.

I'm liking Obama more and more . . . liking Edwards more and more too. Even Hillary's not as offensive as I thought she'd be (my bar there was pretty low).

All I can say is "thank god I'm not a Republican."

Good to see you!