Meet and Greet with Randy Voller in Raleigh on January 10 has been moved to the Flying Saucer!

Attn SEC Members and Others: The Meet and Greet for Randy Voller originally scheduled for the Capital City Club has been moved to the Flying Saucer 328 W Morgan Street Raleigh NC 27601. Event will begin at 6:30pm. Food and Beverages will be available.

Raleigh is one of the few U.S. cities that was actually planned and built specifically to be a state capital. It was founded by legislators who met in Issac Hunter's Tavern back in 1788. They decreed our new capital must be within 10 miles of Isaac Hunter’s tavern, a popular drinking spot of that time.

It also may be the only capital that was chosen because of its proximity to accessible alcohol ;-)

Therefore, it is fitting that we meet in a tavern to meet and greet with Randy Voller, who is running for the Chair of the NC Democratic Party.


If things then were like they are now,

it was probably Isaac that came up with that plan, and he probably reinforced the idea with the promise of free booze or at least artfully edited bar tabs.

I do like the idea

I do like the idea of putting the Progresssive Dems in charge of the party during this rebuilding phase, but I think both candidates have strong points.