Meek and Cotham Engaged? Congratulations!

From the Charlotte Observer:

Politics and wedding bells
Some men ask a woman's parents for her hand in marriage. Jerry Meek had to check with her campaign manager as well.

Meek, North Carolina's Democratic Party chairman, has become engaged to Tricia Cotham, a Democratic legislator from Charlotte.

Meek, of Fayetteville, got down on one knee when he popped the question Friday night at a cabin in Bryson City. He planned the weekend get-away only after clearing the schedule with Cotham's campaign manager.

Cotham, 29, is the state's youngest legislator. Meek, 37, is one of if not the nation's youngest party chairman.

The two started dating last summer, a few months after Cotham won a special election to fill the seat of disgraced Speaker Jim Black. Now she faces a primary on May 6 and, if she wins, a Republican challenge in November.

All that, plus the General Assembly's schedule, makes it hard to set a wedding date.

"So I have a little different things to think about than the average bride," she said this morning.

The romance, which the two kept secret for months, may explain his frequent recent appearances in Charlotte as much as his role in resolving the recent local party turmoil.

Cotham says she plans to continue living in her district, which covers east Charlotte and part of Matthews. She also has an apartment in Raleigh where Meek works as chairman.



Congratulations and best wishes and all that stuff. We'll have to have an online virtual shower for the happy couple.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Congratulations and best wishes for much happiness.

Jerry, you sly dog

and on bended very romantic!

Can we set up a live-blog interview of the couple here so we can make sure this is the best for the NC Dems? ;P

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Well he was still probably looking

her in the eye. :)

... and on bended knee ...

I bet the color blue just might figure into the wedding scheme somehow.


Person County Democrats

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Hear here!

Very wonderful news.

I'm jealous, Mr. Chairman.

I met Tricia when I was working the NCDP booth at the state fair last Summer. Not only was she, you know, gorgeous, she was also an infectiously happy person.

Congratulations to you both. :)

I'm jealous, too

I just re-read Jerry's background and creds. Dang. Nice going, Cotham!

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It must be official...

... I noticed on my feed that they confirmed it on Facebook.