Medicare Advantage Serves Retired Educators Well

As a retired educator and President of the NC Retired School Personnel, I know how important health care is to retired educators across the state. After retirement, we want to continue to live comfortably, independently, and safely. That is made possible through my state health care plan on Medicare Advantage.

Health care coverage is important for all seniors and retirees. On fixed incomes, we need the assurance that any costs for health care are affordable. I appreciate being part of a plan which is premium free and includes Part D prescription drug coverage. But Medicare Advantage goes beyond affordability. It offers additional benefits that original Medicare doesn’t cover, such as a $500 reimbursement for hearing aids, fitness benefits, and online seminars about wellness and healthy living.

Medicare Advantage works, and it provides me with the high-quality health care that I know I need as I get older. And I am joined by over 30 million seniors and individuals with disabilities across the U.S. enrolled in this program.

Linda Gunter
Cary, NC



Thanks for speaking up

We all take so much for granted, assuming in our cocoons that things will stay either stay as they are or improve. And yet, GOP destructors seem hell bent on creating a YOYO (you're on your own) society where people, especially those with fewer resources, are left behind. It's maddening and an entirely predictable consequence of unbridled greed.