Meck dems plan protest!!!

Heres the link

Can someone put this in the events column? Or is this good enough??? I'm still pretty much of a doofus with this stuff.


You can add events

Just click "create content" over on the left, then click "event" in the list that comes up; then fill in the details. This is a great thing to put on the calendar.

We Should Do a BlueNC Feature...

For the calendar. I know I have been delegating stuff to you recently, but I got a paper due at 5.

Speaking of Delegation,

I've been thinking that I would create a standing to-do list for BlueNC, updated at least once a week and posted on Sundays (our lowest traffic day). It will be easy for me to make a feature button building on the work I've already done, but there are a few other projects around here that anyone could do, and some that are suited to the interests and talents of particular users.

speaking of to dos:

are you interested in gathering the contact info for county officials? I could start doing some a county at a time if you like.

We have some on our Take Action Page

We have some of the counties covered on the Take Action page, but please send us any more that you find.

Here's a list of counties that are not done

Alexander County
Alleghany County
Anson County
Ashe County
Avery County
Beaufort County
Bertie County
Bladen County
Brunswick County
Caldwell County
Camden County
Carteret County
Caswell County
Cherokee County
Chowan County
Clay County
Columbus County
Currituck County
Dare County
Davie County
Duplin County
Edgecombe County
Franklin County
Gates County
Graham County
Granville County
Greene County
Halifax County
Haywood County
Hertford County
Hoke County
Hyde County
Jackson County
Jones County
Lee County
Lenoir County
Lincoln County
Macon County
Madison County
Martin County
McDowell County
Mitchell County
Montgomery County
Moore County
Northampton County
Pamlico County
Pasquotank County
Pender County
Perquimans County
Person County
Polk County
Richmond County
Rutherford County
Sampson County
Stanly County
Stokes County
Surry County
Swain County
Transylvania County
Tyrrell County
Vance County
Warren County
Washington County
Watauga County
Wilkes County
Wilson County
Yadkin County
Yancey County


Sucks that NC has 100 counties. But if we each do one, we will have it done in no time. I take Transylvania.

Yes, it's worth pointing out

The the county official contact form only deals with email addresses.

haven't you heard of

alphabetical order? It looks frightening this way.


I just noticed this comment. These counties are sorted in decending order of population. (I started working on them this way so that I could cover as many citizens as possible early in the process.) I'll replace the list with an alphabetical list.

but in November

lot's of them will change! You are brave to take this on.

Not So Many, I Hope

A lot of commission seats are staggered, so that only one or two will change in any given year. I'm hoping that one of two things will happen:

(1) the SBOE will put out a comprehensive list of winners that we can follow to update the page; or

(2) by then we will have generated enough ad revenue to pay someone to do it.

Otherwise, it'll just be like now -- kind volunteers like you and me. :)

try NACO, TarGater

Hey Mr. TarGator

I've been finding my county official's emails on a site called People seem more willing to give them their e-mails than post them on the county websites.

I quickly looked up Moore and it had e-mails for all but one, including the sheriff and Register of deeds:

I just don't want you to spin your wheels on these county websites (like I already did!)

Great Idea

Do a post with an open thread for suggestions on what to add to the list.

I messed up

I didn't understand at first. I thought the dates in the event posting were for how long the event should be posted. But then, I edited it to be the length of the event. But now I see I got an e-mail with the wrong dates.

I leave it up to a wiser soul to correct any errors. I was up all night trying to analyze the federal funds that come to the 11th district . . . that liar-boy is looking pretty unimpressive at bringing home the bacon.

I wanna help DQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeing how I am smack dab in the western end of the district ,Graham and have 3 blog sites up anyhow.

Hey, Dan, the funding data

is on a site called tracfed.

It costs $50 for 20 inquiries. You can ask for the data by county or federal judicial district (there are 90 in the country but I'm not sure what else besides Asheville is in the WNC district).

It's not by congressional district.

But, if you pay you can ask for the ranking of your judicial district among all the others.

Or you can get the individual county rankings and data.

I downloaded all the counties from the US Census (that's where Tracfed gets their stuff) for 2004 (they don't have 2005 funding yet) and then did some algebra to extrapolate the Rutherford partial county data.

but then I couldn't rate us in comparison to the rest of the country. Our per capita funding had gone up drastically since 2003 when we were the pits (and it was interesting which counties CT short-changed). but I would have to spend forever figuring out where we stand vis a vis the rest of the country.

Do you know someone who would like to funding this research perhaps?