Meadows uses sleight-of-hand to choose his successor


But it's par for the course for this dude:

Later that day came a campaign launch by Lynda Bennett, a local GOP activist and real estate agent who is friendly with Debbie Meadows, the congressman's wife, according to sources who know both women. Wary Republicans in the state quickly speculated that she had advance notice of Meadows' retirement.

Online records revealed her campaign website domain had been registered on Oct. 28 by a Scott Meadows, who appears to be the brother of the congressman. The campaign's Facebook page was created on Dec. 18, a day before the retirement. And shortly after midnight on Dec. 19 — about five hours before Meadows announced — Bennett posted photos of herself with the congressman and his wife at local GOP events in the state.

You know what? All those Republicans who feel shafted by Mark Meadows' little stunt can go suck on a lemon. He's been pulling backhanded crap like this since he was first elected, bullying other Representatives and golden-parachuting a sexual harasser. The NC GOP should have already had a viable candidate ready and willing to oppose that bad behavior in a Primary, but now you've got his choice to fill that seat. I was going to say something about "learning from your mistakes," but that doesn't seem to happen very often within the GOP ranks.



Par for the course for Meadows...

but not so bad for the Democrats. If any GOP candidate for this seat can be tarred and feathered with Meadows' misdeeds and blatant Trumpism, then it's one as hand-picked as Bennett. We should hang the albatross of Meadows around her neck and send her packing right after him.

There's actually 12 of them running,

including Jim Davis and Wayne King. I imagine Wayne was pretty pissed about this Bennett thing, since he's been kissing Meadows' ass for so long. Might be popcorn time...