Meadows clueless on US House rules & regulations

Playing fast and loose with taxpayer dollars:

Rep. Mark Meadows’ decision to give his former chief of staff a lump-sum severance package with taxpayer dollars appears to be a violation of House rules, according to multiple Capitol Hill sources.

Larry Noble, an outside government ethics expert, said congressional staff “can only be paid for work done” or accrued leave, but not severance. “Severance is meant to be a lump-sum payment for work you did not do, (so) no, that would not be appropriate,” Noble said.

So that's HuffPo and Politico covering this issue, and still *crickets* from North Carolina news outlets. Meadows may be in DC, but Kenny West is back here in NC, likely huddled in the mountains looking through a crack in the drapes. Even if all you get is "no comment," at least ask the fricking questions.



Ask the questions and publish the facts

If they won't answer, publish that.

Journalism is no longer practised at most of our major news outlets these days.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.