McMahan & NCGOP Party Disloyalty

NCRumors is trying to get to the bottom of the story about Ed McMahan and allegations of "party disloyalty." The article includes reference to those emails between Clary and Pope, and it provides the NCGOP's definition of party disloyalty (it's bad) and its possible consequences (they're bad). BlueNC gets mention as "a blog produced by Democrat party faithful."

It's late and I'd rather go to bed than chase the story farther tonight, but I have a feeling that it won't be disappearing any time soon.


Oh...tooo funny

Lance, you've made the big, I mean the BIG TIME. Hmmmm. I guess the way they would enforce their punishment would be to run someone against you. I don't think they can "strip" you of your party affiliation. I know...I need to look in to this.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Party faithful?

Man oh man, if that's what we are, the "party" is in deep doo-doo. But coming from Reds who put party above all else, that kind of myopia is to be expected.

goes back to my question

of who is the NC conservative guy? I'll have to search for my comment to see if anyone responded. But you've got to wonder.