McHenry shares his opinions on the Presidential Races: "

It's clear that we're beginning to see a favoritism from local newspapers, but nothing masked a quite hilarious comment from our "favorite" representative Patrick McHenry regarding Obama: "It's clear he is a phenomenon, He will use style and grace to achieve liberal goals, which is absolutely politically brilliant but intellectually dishonest." Intellectually Dishonest, you say? Let's touch into that realm, shall we?

First off, let me be angry that the Hickory Daily Record, a wannabe bastion of news, is absolutely failing to provide real information regarding Patrick McHenry. In fact, excuse my language, but it seems like journalistic fellatio. In one of their latest columns interviewing McHenry (, they so lovingly gave him the floor on a variety of issues and glossed over his stupider comments, only focusing on his attempt at being righteously intelligent about the GOP race. They even gave him the spot to so self-rightously mention the following joke:

“Let’s have a debate on the issues. I’m happy to match my record against anyone. I’m going to continue to deliver on the promises that I’ve made. I’m proud of the work I’ve done.”

Hey, I never knew there were promises, other than "Keep me in here and I won't cut off your fingers". But then again, I need to stop watching The Godfather...

The issue here is that the media's giving McHenry way too much attention with this- since when does McHorny have ANY kind of respectability? Since when can he call fellow politicians "Intellectually Dishonest" when this is the man that not only has had more coverups than a hooker with a zit, but is also connected to crime like a mob boss? Sure, we may never be able to prove it, because of McHenry's extensive protection network, but we all know it happens. I wouldn't be surprised if he's already payed off the DAs for the James Keeter case- if they weren't on his side already.

Look, I know it's obvious I'm angry. But I think I'm justified to be. Why should Patrick McHenry, the proverbial king/queen of intellectual dishonesty, be allowed to speak his mouth nationally to voters? Hell, I'd even prefer to hear Bush's opinions again...



Interesting question about who's worse, McHorny or Bush. One's a sociopath the other's a psychopath. I exaggerate, but not too much.

Your anger is totally righteous. Many newspaper owners, politicians and business interests are all in this together, enriching themselves at the public expense. Getting away with literal murder, for example, in the case of Blackwater. The swirl of stories related to McHenry's integrity lapses has persisted for years. But the mainstream media dare not look.

Some things in life are gross. The fact that Patrick McHenry represents 1/13 of North Carolina's citizens is one of them.

Shades of a bigger problem

Its very obvious that no one at the Hickory Daily Record has any idea how the legisature in Raleigh works. I doubt any of them know how DC works.

I wont venture as to why that is, but what it results in is a bunch of reporters who have no idea who to trust about specifics, so they trust elected officials. Because surely someone with the words "Senator" or "Representative" in front of their name would never lie right?

The bigger problem of course is how many political reporters were political science majors? And how many political science majors even understand the inner workings of DC or Raleigh?

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"