McHenry ripped apart by Sigmon, Boylan the second "Stewart Drunkard"

Well, it looks like the Democrats are just having a plain out good week. In the words of Paul O'Connor, Do-It-Yourself Stupidity is in with Republicans, showing just how dumb representatives like Patrick McHenry are like. But hey, us Democrats aren't the only ones screaming it from the rooftops- apparently Lance Sigmon is the only Republican with the guts to actually say a Republican did something wrong, as he tears apart McHenry in this video. God, I love Republican infighting, especially when one of their own breed is the one pointing out McH's many flaws.

But it gets better.

You see, something's been bothering me, and I just locked in on it. Recently, a "little boo boo" in that he decided to wreck his car while incredibly drunk. Of course, as you all know, this is not the first time a rather creepy looking republican who likes to stare at cameras has attempted re-creating the Richard Petty Driving Experience after drinking one too many.

Wouldn't you know? The two are connected by a short little pudgy man named Dee Stewart, also known as the man who worked for both Patrick McHenry and Joe Boylan, a man who just loves to mess with polls, illegally. You see, Dee Stewart is a relative unknown nowadays, thanks to the fact that he's literally been hiding from the general media for quite some time, even going so far as to hide his website (though you can still access it from

Here's where it gets creepy. Joe Boylan was under investigation for Voter Fraud last year, the same point in which Dee Stewart was Boylan's campaign consultant. And, as both Drama Queen and BlueNC has pointed out before, Dee Stewart was involved in the McHenry campaign when McHenry was having "sleepovers" with kids who ended up voting for him illegally.

Let's step back a bit here. Dee Stewart, man about town with an extremely skewed moral compass, has been involved in two campaigns that have both been investigated for Voter Fraud, both contain men convicted of DWIs (I believe Keeter's was a DWI.. or a DUI?), and both appear to have some issues with being sexually restrained (though, to Boylan's defense, he's just touching girls, unlike McHenry and his boytoys).

So there you have it: Two elected officials, two drunkards, two voter fraud cases, two men with lots and lots of lovely scandals under their respective belts: and one campaign consultant.

Wanna know the fun little twist to this whole story?

Dee Stewart is currently working for Patrick McHenry on his 2008 campaign. Yes, that's correct: He's back.


A lot of people get DWIs

It isn't a sign of loose morals or anything like that. It is a sign of bad judgement and a horrendous mistake. People should face the consequences of those actions, but this isn't something people should be crucified over. I'm not saying that Drunk Driving shouldn't be looked down upon, but to some how ascribe sliminess to a campaign because some people working for it have DUIs is beyond the pale.

I agree completely

Yes, it's bad judgment, and it can kill people and ruin lives. I doubt that this realization has escaped either of the men ticketed. It's also something that can happen to anyone who drinks alcohol, no matter what his or her political affiliation.

We are human beings; we make mistakes. The heightened awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence is a positive development in this and other states. And North Carolina laws are very tough. It doesn't take much alcohol to register sufficient for a conviction here. But regardless of how much, or rather -- especially when the person has driven recklessly and jeopardized his and others' safety, I think that instead of condemnation, the more useful response from those of us outside the legal system is to offer compassion.

I would much prefer to see that a campaign has the guts to retain someone who has been convicted than to dismiss him. That, to me, shows compassion and the belief in giving someone a second chance.

As jjsmith pointed out, this has zero to do with morals. In all too many instances, it signals a problem that touches people from all classes, ethnicities, vocations, religions and political affiliations, and whose victims require help, not hate.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

As a person, I do offer my compassion - to Joe Boylan

and mostly to his wife and children. There is a pattern emerging here. The stories that don't make it to the local paper about what has happened around town, the stories that don't make it to the paper about what has happened in Raleigh.

If, as I posted before, he is an alcoholic, he needs help.

Whether or not this has anything to do with him being quite possibly the most ineffective legislator in Raleigh is another question entirely.

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I saw that

I noticed that in your earlier remarks, and, based on what else I read, he does appear to have a problem. And you're also right that it may or may not have anything to do with his being unfit for office. There are a lot of functioning alcoholics in this big ole world, who seem to do well during certain hours. For them and for those who can't hide the problem, especially, I feel truly sorry, and hope they and their families can hold together long enough to get help and recover. There are an awful lot of broken homes out there because of alcohol abuse.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

I saw That

My accident has been a blessing in many ways. No one was injured, I have publically taken responsibility for my actions, I am attending meetings and receiveng the best counseling possible so that I will never take another drink again. I am slowly making amends to those that I have hurt and will get through this period with the love and support of my family and friends.

thanks for the comment

My accident has been a blessing in many ways. No one was injured, I have publically taken responsibility for my actions, I am attending meetings and receiveng the best counseling possible so that I will never take another drink again. I am slowly making amends to those that I have hurt and will get through this period with the love and support of my family and friends.

Why the alias? If you are going to use "I" it seems you ought to do it openly. Either way, thanks for the comment.

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McCain - The Third Bush Term

my understanding is that

My understanding is that his difficulties extend beyond alcoholism. Apparently he often is a little, I think "handsy" is the terms folks use when they're being polite? And when they're done being polite it can involve the legal system.

But if yall are going to keep him in your prayers I suppose I ought to find it in my heart to do the same.

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McCain - The Third Bush Term

It doesn't mean I don't want his butt out of the legislature.

I think one of the reports of him being as you put it "handsy", came from a report of him taking his daughter, Jessica, a lovely young woman, to dinner in Chapel Hill or Raleigh. She is a freshman at one of the schools up there.

I was married for 13 years to an alcoholic. It's an awful life for the family, and the worst of it is, it's an awful life for the alcoholic, too. I do offer my deepest compassion and hope for the Boylan family. This goes beyond politics; I hope the Boylan family finds their way through this.

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The bad judgement is the point!!

Yes, many people get DUIs. It is a sign of bad judgement and is a horrible mistake. However - this bad judgment can kill people and ruin lives. When persons who have responsible positions - whether it is in politics, law enforcement, medicine - whatever - use such bad judgment that they endanger lives, then they need to step down. A higher standard of behavior is expected in certain positions. If you can't trust someone to have the judgment to not drive after a few drinks, then how can you trust them to make even more important decision??

That voter fraud incident in Moore

has been "being investigated" by the new Republican DA in Moore County for close to two years now. I don't know why charges haven't been brought by the new Republican DA. I can't imagine it.

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That Voter Fraud incident in Moore County

The Republican DA did not pursue the case because too many people closely associated with Richard Morgan said she was too close to me to be impartial. As a result, it was transfered to the State AG's office where it had been dismissed a month ago. (Work on your current affairs.) It's a shame that you ignore the hate and viciousness behind this frivolus charge that has caused so much damage to two young women beginning their careers. Their two votes would have had no impact on an election that was decided by 292 votes. What did happen is that one of the women had to drop out of Campell Law School becasue of the stress and the concern that she couldn't afford both her college education and have money in case she needed to hire attorney's to defend herself against this basesless accusation. The other couldn't get a job she was qualified for because she had to disclose to potential employers that she was under going a criminal investigation. Between these two young women, they spent in excess of $10,000 in legal fees (money that could have been spent on college). But, because they are Republicans, I'm sure that you think they should be burned at the stake. Instead of spreading hate, why don't you show some of that Democrat compassion I always hear about and take up a collection to help these women?

Thank you for the update.

I hate to disagree with you when you're going through such a difficult time, and I apologize for not having the current info on the charges.

Voter fraud is a crime, and the charges were not frivolous just because the two votes wouldn't have made a difference in the election.

If these young ladies had been adequately advised by the supposedly wiser adults around them, it wouldn't have happened. I feel terrible for them, but I'm not going to feel responsible for them breaking the law, nor am I going take up a collection for them. I have compassion for them, but I am busy working and looking for a second job so that I can send my own son to college. He has not broken any laws - to my knowledge.

If you are who you appear to be, please understand I bear you no ill will, and wish you personally all the best. I will be posting no more about you or your personal troubles, as long as they don't interfere with your duties as a legislator. If my previous posts have brought you personal pain, for that I'm sorry. I plan on following the events of the primary and reporting them here, if they are relevant.
I wish you peace.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi
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Voter fraud is voter fraud,

Voter fraud is voter fraud, no matter how many votes it is.

Let me explain something to you. I don't care if you're a Republican or a Democrat. Hell, I'm actually pretty Pro-Lance Sigmon right now, just to get McHenry off the general election ballot. The greatest fact about politics I learned from Psychology- you can tell when someone is too self-righteous about their party when, when presented with info that contradicts something they believe, they'll believe it came from the other party. Trust me, I have way too many Republican friends to sit on here and advocate burning them at the stake, or else I won't have anyone to golf with.

Let's not get ourselves confused: those ladies broke the law. I don't care if they were Campbell Law students or hamburger flippers at McDonalds, they broke the law. Even if it's a misunderstanding, their connection with unscrupulous men in politics led them to it: when there is the appearance of impropriety, things like this happen.

Democrats are compassionate, but we also are fair. We know when things are wrong. And if those ladies are 100% innocent (which I seriously doubt), then I feel sorry for their troubles. However, their association with horrible politicians and their actions with them have led us to believe that they did have responsibility.

"The devil made me do it" is not a proper excuse, either.

While we're at it, you would do yourself a favor by stepping down and setting a precedent for the NC House. It is much more honorable to admit your failure rather than to try to hide it- people respect forthcoming politicians much more.

Since you drove them to the voting booth

where is your compassion...why don't you pay their bills?

A little hypocritical?

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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