McHenry accuses Johnson of being an "insider" again, Linda Daves (See: Obama ad) makes petty attacks

Looks like McHenry's playing the only card he knows how: raising hell about "Democrats in Washington". Tonight's flavor? McHenry, using Linda Daves (who has met me and knows I think she's as shallow as a puddle of water in the street) as a squawkbox for his patent brand of bull, screaming about how Congressional candidate Daniel Johnson is lying about claiming his bags are not packed with Washington money.

Wait, are you kidding me? Patrick McHenry is behind this? The man known for lining his pockets with more Washington money (and spending that said money more frivolously) than virtually any other politician in the state? Wow.

First off, let me get something off my chest: Linda Daves is about as bright as a broken lightbulb, and two times as useless. The woman, even in person, exudes the kind of stupidity one could only expect from a frontal lobotomy patient. She's the kind of woman in politics who is so obsessed with party lines that she's willing to march like a lemming off any given cliff for her party, and this time, miniature Napoleon ripoff Patrick McHenry is leading the charge. Don't forget folks, this is the same woman who thought the now infamous Obama ad was a good idea. Not that bright, even from a Republican standpoint.

This accusation started, simply enough, when Daniel Johnson went up to Washington to get some money. That's right, Johnson did right and went up home and hit up some rich Democrats who wanted to see the 10th turn blue, and (presumably) he made a killing off of it. Virtually every politician in a big Congressional race has to do that some day or another, so it's no surprise that he did it. Naturally, loads of important Democrats were there, yadda yadda.

McHenry, again trying to bring his Waterloo even closer, blasted away by conning Linda Daves to send a letter to Johnson demanding he apologize to the voters (translation: anyone who gives a rat's rear end 6+ months before the actual election) for being misleading... or something. Basically, the McNugget camp contends that Johnson lied about not being a Washington insider, which he claimed after McHenry blasted him virtually seconds after the primary results were in.

Hold on a damn second. Since when does taking money from Washington make you a "Washington Insider"? Hell, let's not even get into the whole time period issue (Johnson claimed he had no big Washington money BEFORE the fundraiser was thrown). The fact of the matter is, taking money from Washington people (which are, by the way, no different than anyone else) does not make you a "hand picked" attack dog of some sort. Of course, we all know the McHenry camp can't even figure out what Johnson does for a living. In the age of the internet, that's like not knowing how to have sex: it's awkward, embarrassing, and every time you open your mouth on the subject you show your ignorance.

Of course, Wes Climer, McHenry's spokesman famous for calling previous challenger Lance Sigmon "Lying Lance" (presumably in the playground wearing Osh Kosh and drinking Apple Juice) had to step in, making this all much more fun. According to the Hickory Daily Record, Climer said:

“Never again can trial lawyer Daniel Johnson deny being recruited, bankrolled and beholden to liberal Washington Democrats. It is dishonest to disavow the liberal establishment one day, then cash their checks the next.”

Dammit, Wes, you love to spin the truth, but do it so poorly. Johnson is a trial lawyer now, right after serving as a prosecutor (which we know you McHenry people tend to hate). Johnson was not recruited/brankrolled by Washington- he's coming forward now, and they are so impressed with him (and irate with McHenry) they are willing to put their money on the line. Johnson never really even "disavowed the Liberal establishment".

Of course, Johnson made all of this clear in a pretty rear-kicking press release:

"This is an untrue personal attack, and exactly the kind of politics that we in the 10th District are sick and tired of," said Johnson, "I am proud of my record serving the state of North Carolina as a prosecutor and standing up for the victims of violent crimes. I was encouraged to run by leaders from our community, and I look forward to serving my friends and neighbors in Washington."

Of course, McHenry has yet to really respond to this, as he usually does.

What amazes me the most about this situation is that McHenry has the balls to kick back and say this when he's taken such an inordinate amount of money from the Republican establishment, a lot of times donating that money right back (or as we've seen before, sending that money to Aaron Lay to hide voter fraud). What hypocrisy.