McCrory's naive and costly "Branding" initiative

Tying a ribbon on a tyrannical, short-sighted, destructive, anti-social pig:

This Labor Day weekend, approximately 1.5 million North Carolina residents will travel our state highways and can see elements of the initiative, which include a new state logo and tagline, on more than 75 billboards across the state. It also is being used in a variety of print, broadcast and digital marketing materials, and on several state websites and social media. To view the new look, please visit

“In an increasingly competitive environment, it’s crucial for North Carolina to articulate at a glance all we have to offer,” said N.C. Governor Pat McCrory. “The new look and messaging are reflective of the people and the assets that make this state such an inspiring place to live, work and play. North Carolina has great momentum and will be even stronger with support of a brand that pulls everything together.”

We've already been engaged in branding since the GOP took over back in 2010. Here's a short list of "elements of the initiative" that have made national news: An aggressive war on women with an anti-abortion centerpiece, voter suppression efforts targeting minorities and college students, anti-LGBT steps that include amending the state Constitution, harsh measures taken against the poor and unemployed, the reversal of environmental protections that a flood of coal ash couldn't stop, mounting evidence that our Legislature is reliant on ALEC and the Koch Brothers to craft our laws for us, a teacher migration that's leaving our school systems scrambling to hire new teachers that don't exist, and a Governor that has so many unethical skeletons in his closet he could field a lacrosse team with them. Doubtless I've left out several embarrassing points that would also keep people and businesses from relocating or vacationing here, but suffice it to say some billboards and commercials aren't going to "fix" our image problem.



Nothing compares.

Nothing compares.

Nothing compares to the idiocy and distraction be by the GOP in North Carolina.

NC. Nothing constructive.
NC. Naked capitalism.
NC. New corruption.
NC. Nasty crooks.
NC. Never care.
NC. Nutjob central.


The economic and political policies by which a great power indirectly maintains or extends its influence over other areas or people.

I'd like to think the similarities between the NC GOP and the above are merely a coincidence, but damn.

I'll say again, a 'brand' is

I'll say again, a 'brand' is not nearly as important as a reputation.
A brand can be bought. It can be changed on a whim.

A reputation is earned, and once lost, is hard to regain.
Our NC reputation for good schools is gone.
Our NC reputation for natural wonders, clean beaches, and beautiful mountains is going.
Our NC reputation as a great place to be, is at stake.