McCrory's denials getting lamer every day

Miserably failing the smell test:

In a memo from that day, “The meeting began with Gov. McCrory making a few remarks and turning the meeting over to Graeme Keith. “Mr. Keith began his remarks by stating that he had been working on private prison maintenance for 10 years and during that time had given a lot of money to candidates running for public office and it was now time for him to get something in return.”

McCrory denied hearing Keith say that, according to a transcript of his interview with The N&O. McCory said, “My secretary informed me that was said probably while I was in a side conversation and I don’t know if it was said to the whole table or not, but I did not hear it.”

Riiight. You turn the meeting over to your donor buddy, and then immediately strike up a conversation with somebody else. Not bloody likely. That's one of the problems with electing somebody who doesn't see anything wrong with political patronage: They're also too stupid to avoid getting caught. And this explanation from Keith made me bark in laughter:

The Keith Corporation released a statement saying DPS’ concerns are part of a campaign to eliminate privatization.

“The campaign to eliminate privatization is driven by entrenched interests and not facts,” said Graeme Keith Sr., chairman of TKS Management Services.

Oh, that's rich. Republicans have been pushing privatization of government services since the first day they took over the Legislature, and haven't shown much concern over wasting taxpayer dollars in pursuit of that goal. Your "contracted services" must really suck if they decided to do the work themselves.