McCrory tries to tie political campaign to Panthers' success

It's even dumber than it sounds:

The ad, released Friday, shows the Republican governor touting the accomplishments of his “Carolina Comeback.” The ad cuts to McCrory standing in front of a house, holding a football.

“There’s still work to do,” he says. “But we have a ‘Carolina Comeback’ for sure. We just don’t always get the respect we’ve earned. Well, there is one solution. Keep Pounding, Panthers! And have a Super day!”

If by "we just don't always get the respect we've earned" you mean we are a near-constant laughingstock in national print and television media, due to the ham-handed way the Republican Party has mismanaged our state, then yes. The respect has been lacking. But we have "earned" that scorn, no matter how much you'd like to twitch your nose or shake your fist and make it go away.



Interesting analogy

Last night there were two things Cam Newton did that somehow are telling, and maybe analogous to McCrory:
1. He shied away from falling on the fumble late in the game. Like many of our age, I played some amount of football growing up, at least until I figured out I wasn't very good. One of the earliest drills you participate in at an early age is the fumble drill. You ALWAYS fall on the fumble. It is instinctive. But Cam visibly shied away from falling on the fumble. It wouldn't have made a difference in the outcome of the game, but that doesn't matter. You've got to get your hands dirty, you've got to get into the middle of the battle, you can't shy away when the ball is on the ground.

2. He walked off the podium in the middle of the press conference. Yeah answering questions after a loss is tough. But you can't just walk away, and ignore the media.

Oh, and I guess McCrory's post game wasn't so pleasant, either.


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