McCrory at NC Gubernatorial Debate: More TeeVee, Less Education!

Isn’t it enough that voters had to endure one “Law and Order” candidate, Republican Fred Thompson?

Patrick McCrory, NC Republican candidate for Governor, opened up Saturday’s Gubernatioral debate by repeatedly asking why North Carolina can’t be more like the teevee shows, “CSI” and “Law Order.” Lauding teevee shows for providing “DNA test results in minutes,” McCrory complained that North Carolina District Attorneys can’t afford to shop at Neiman Marcus:

"On Law & Order, the District Attorneys dress like they shop at Neiman Marcus."

McCrory, opposes expanding Smart Start, an award winning early education/intervention intiative for children and opposes providing more college tuition assistance.

Patrick McCrory (R-NC): More Teevee, Less Education!

McCrory took several hits on Democrats throughout the debate, jabbing Easely, while not naming him, for not being “accessible” and referring to the Democratic led State Legislature as “corrupt.”

“I’ll be a Governor who is accessible. …And I wont give programs names that rhyme,” jabbing at Smart Smart, an award winning initiative.

The two candidates offered their contrasting positions on a number of issues including the Economy, Education, Healthcare and Iraq, with Perdue placing strong emphasis on education as a means to improve our economy, lower the crime rate and ensure every child in North Carolina has a fair chance.

In early grades, Perdue stated that she disagrees that we should “decide and lock out some kids” as McCrory appeared to indicate should be done with his opposition to expanding early childhood programs and providing College tuition assistance. Perdue has proposed a “College Promise” program:

Through her College Promise initiative, the state of North Carolina will provide an ironclad contract to students that lack of family income will not be a barrier to their earning a college degree or gaining the advanced skills needed for success in the 21st century economy. In exchange, students will have to stay in school and stay out of trouble, graduate from high school and earn the necessary grades to gain acceptance into college, and give back to their community

“Spending millions hasn’t improved our educational system,” McCrory said, seeming to again undermine the importance of education, an issue that Beverly Perdue has championed.

On Iraq, McCrory towed the Republican line, stating that pulling out of Iraq would cause chaos.

Beverly Perdue distinguished her position on Iraq, stating, “We need to end the war in Iraq.”

The debate ended with closing statements from both candidates. McCrory returned to relying on teevee shows as a point of reference, stating:

“Andy Griffith endorsed Mike Easely and Beverly Perdue and it made me think…What would Andy Taylor be saying today?”



You can bet Andy Taylor

wouldn't be recommending the takeover of North Carolina by the 'lectric company.

When was the last time he was in a courthouse?

I like to think I wear very sensible suits every day in there...and that's District Court! Besides, L&O is in NYC...if they had L&O:NC you would see a few more seersucker suits...

Get Smart Mayor Pat Bush?

And I wont give programs names that rhyme,” jabbing at Smart Smart, an award winning initiative* Mayor Bush of North Carolina

Right! And to go with his TV law and order program, he will be known as " Get Smart Pat" No doubt he is the dumbest Republican Governor candiate in it's history!

Agree, MaxTheDog2

He doesn't seem to bright, that's for sure. Confusing reality with teevee shows reminds me of Bush.

Patrick McBush.

NCDem Amy on YouTube

Too perfect

Although, I have to admit, it freaks me out a bit because I watched that show as a child, sooo many years ago.

NCDem Amy on YouTube

Andy Taylor

He's got Andy Tayor all wrong! Andy is a moderate Democrat. He is the sensible one in Mayberry. Barney is the knee jerk Republican. He's lovable but misguided and needs Andy to steer him in the right direction. Howard is the Chamber of Commerce Republican. Aunt Bee is the unafiliated voter. Helen and Thelma Lou are left leaning Democratic party activists. The mayor is the Democrat that is in the party just for what it will get him, ie elected, connections Wally at the filling station is a traditional conservative Democrat. Opie will grow up to be an outstanding populist Democratic representative of the people, serving over the years as a county commissioner, state house member and eventually serving 12 terms as a US House member.

I'm a moderate Democrat.


Opie will grow up to be an outstanding populist Democratic representative of the people, serving over the years as a county commissioner, state house member and eventually serving 12 terms as a US House member.

Lol, exactly!

NCDem Amy on YouTube

What about Floyd the Barber?

He always seemed a little creepy to me.

You nailed Howard and Opie. I imagine that Goober is the complainer that only votes during presidential years.

We are losing 100,000 acres of prime forest, farmlands and open spaces for parks and recreation to development each year.

"Jesus was a community organizer while Pontius Pilate was governor."
--Jim Hightower

Yea I thought about Floyd

Yea I thought about Floyd after I posted. I never found him creepy though. As with most good barbers Floyd is usually able to stimulate conversation at the shop without taking sides and angering some of his customers. Floyd votes every election but never tells anyone how he voted. However in his old age he couldn't help himself cause he was so proud of Opie that he always hung an Opie Tayor for Congress sign in his window and allowed no one to ever say a harsh word about the boy, even if it cost him a customer.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

And then there was Earnest T Bass

Where would he fit in this discussion?

"jump in where you can and hang on"
Briscoe Darling to Sheriff Andy

That's easy. Earnest T. has

That's easy. Earnest T. has put up more signs for the Democratic Party over the years than anyone else in the state. He put the grass in grassroots! Being from the mountains and a contrarian he of course rejected the establishment Republican leanings of his neighbors to chart his own course. He is the head pig cooker at all local Democratic events (though it's shoulders not whole hogs) in the area and was the first to urge Heath Shuler to take a chance and run against the entrenched Republican incumbent.

The Darlin's unfortunately are old line mountain Republicans and their music at Republican events served to keep otherwise restless and dissatisfied members in line for the GOP.

Claire is a Republican also.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

The Darlin's

Yes, the Darlins old line mountain Republicans, but that's not such a bad thing. That line of Republicans trace their roots to opposition to succession during the Civil War and support for the Union. With few if any slaves in the mountains (the farms in the mountains were small and had little use for slaves and the farmers could not afford them even if they could use them).

In the many decades after the Civil War mountain Republicans charted a much more moderate course than what we know of the Republican party of today and while Republicans in the flatlands (disaffected Democrats) embraced Jesse Helms mountain Republicans had their share of suspicions of him voting for his opponent in the 1972 Republican primary. When Jesse Helms talked of the importance of law and order and cracking down in criminals, the Darlins and their mountain Republican brethren pictured revenuers coming to the mountains to bash up their stills and did not approve.

Unfortunately the Darlins and other mountain Republicans have seen their influence in the region decline over the past 20 years or so, as wealthy retirees from Florida have moved in and brought their John Birch Society politics with them.

Two Examples

Former NC Governor Jim Houlshouser and former candidate for governor Bob Orr are a pair of examples of mountain Republicans, the kind the Darlins are.

Maybe we can convert

Maybe we can convert Charlene's children to the D side!

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Seriously though

I was expecting McCrory to be much more inpressive. He came across as a real lightweight to me. I am concerned about Perdue though. She is really not very impressive as a debator or public speaker. I'm assuming that the shaky sound in her voice isn't nerves but just her regular voice. Lots of people will not assume that though. She's kind of hard to listen to. She also doesn't articulate her ideas very well on stage. Personally I don't care about these things but I'm wondering about the average voter. This is going to be a close election if the Piedmont views McCrory as "their" candidate. He's not scary, strange like the other Republicans that ran (except Orr)so that could be a problem.

I'm a moderate Democrat.