McCrory folds ... too little, too late

Facing the onslaught of a corporate backlash against Hate Bill 2, Pat McCrory today attempted to undo the damage. His "executive order" doesn't mean jack in the grand scheme of things.

In response to McCrory's order, ACLU of North Carolina Acting Executive Director Sarah Preston said "Gov. McCrory's actions today are a poor effort to save face after his sweeping attacks on the LGBT community, and they fall far short of correcting the damage done when he signed into law the harmful House Bill 2, which stigmatizes and mandates discrimination against gay and transgender people. With this executive order, LGBT individuals still lack legal protections from discrimination, and transgender people are still explicitly targeted by being forced to use the wrong restroom."



From NC Policy Watch

The preliminary bottom line: The Guv may have — if he has the authority — done a small favor for LGBT state employees. Whether they can enforce it is another question. But as for LGBT people in the private world (and all of the key provision of HB 2), nothing has changed and all he has done is ask state lawmakers to act — something they have rarely done in the past at his behest. -

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The hits keep coming

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators is urging the National Basketball Association to move the 2017 NBA All-Star game away from Charlotte, North Carolina, because of a state law that limits protection for lesbians, gays and transgender people.


If they move ...

b-ball out of NC, that could be the thing that swings the election. Nobody in NC wants their sportsballs messed with.

Or the


How much you wanna bet

his campaign contributions have dried up in the last couple of weeks? He's probably got more $50 donations than before, but those max $5,100 checks are likely becoming rare.

New WRAL poll - HB2 could influence election

It would be curious to see if there are any changes to these numbers after McCrory's executive order today.

Conducted by SurveyUSA exclusively for WRAL News, the poll found Republican Gov. Pat McCrory trailing Democratic challenger Roy Cooper 43 percent to 47 percent, with more than two-thirds of voters saying that a politician's position on the bill will either "strongly" or "somewhat" influence their votes.

Some other notes:

The WRAL News poll reflects a "significant" gender gap, Bitzer said, with Cooper leading McCrory among women 50 percent to 38 percent.

Of respondents likely to cast ballots in November, 58 percent said a candidate's position on House Bill 2 would strongly influence his or her vote, while another 24 percent said a candidate's position would somewhat influence his or her vote. Only 14 percent said the bill would have no impact. Voters who identified themselves as strongly liberal or conservative were more likely to report that the measure would have a strong impact on their votes.

McCrory and the GOP-run NCGA went to war with reality

Neither reality nor most of the voters were favorably impressed ( ), yet Pat has only pretended to retreat.
He and everyone in the NCGA who voted for the demagogic legislation owes transgender Americans both an unequivocal apology for the smear and a drive to eliminate bigotry toward transgender people everywhere.
They owe North Carolina workers, transgender citizens and the state's cities outright repeal of the legislation.
Not namby-pamby video featuring a governor who lacks the courage to face the press live and in person, all questions accepted.


I have a feeling that McCrory was hoodwinked by his own party on this one.

We don't know the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing that went into this (and possibly the promises of money and support from dark money players like the Kochs or Art Pope), but I'm guessing that Moore and Berger knew that pushing a "bathroom" law would be a good way to get out hard-right evangelical voters in gerrymandered districts for the legislature.

Pat, stinging from criticism on the right from his waffling on Amendment One and general incompetence in office, probably thought he could use it to forge stronger bonds with Republicans. Moore and Berger might have even convinced him that hyped-up Trump voters would carry the day in November.

What Pat didn't see was that, by supporting HB2 so strongly, he's completely offended urban and probably many "middle of the road" voters in rural areas, especially with the strong economic fallout from this legislative debacle.

Moore and Berger don't care - the legislature is gerrymandered beyond any real political competition - so McCrory has been left holding the bag, dealing with a competitive state-wide race that is being flushed right down the toilet.

McCrory's only hope here is that voters forget about HB2 by November. I don't think that will happen - the court cases will filter into the news now and again over the next few months, along with the scattered businesses or conventions not bothering with the state, reminding everyone of the economic fallout.

Electoral calculus?

McCrory's entire political career, from his run for student body president at Catawba College to his currently alleged "commonsense" about bathrooms, is characterized by demagoguery. He ran for student body president against "hippies, dorm visitation and the literary magazine" at Catawba College. As governor he immediately reverted to right-wing slurs, notably by falsely characterizing Moral Monday demonstrators as "outsiders."

IMHO, Smearing transgender Americans as bathroom predators was just Pat being Pat.

Certainly Pat and his co-conspirators expected their sexualized hyperventilation to result in greater political power, just as similar smears directed at freedmen helped drive the right wing to power in the 1890s.
I suspect that they all still expect that outcome, albeit with a little tuning of the "message."

Against hippies?!

Yikes! But maybe that was just one more reason for Ringo to cancel his Cary concert.

This just popped up

on my Facebook feed, a story about a Tennessee GOP lawmaker and co-sponsor of another transgender-bashing bathroom bill, charged by the state's AG for sexual harassment of women:

"Based upon the information gathered thus far, Representative Durham's alleged behavior may pose a continuing risk to unsuspecting women who are employed by or interact with the legislature," Attorney General Herbert Slatery said in a letter to House officials.

Slatery's memo, dated Wednesday, states that the investigation has included interviews with 34 people. Information gleaned from those interviews revealed Durham:

"Occupied a superior position of power to the women."
"Obtained personal contact information from the women under the guise of legislative business or another legitimate reason."
"Initiated contact about non-legislative matters and attempted to meet the women alone."
"Usually involved alcohol in his interaction with women."
"Made inappropriate comments of a sexual nature or engaged in inappropriate physical contact with some women."

:o Dude's been banished to an office in a different building, just to keep his hands off females in the main Legislative offices, and he's co-authoring laws to supposedly "protect" women from imaginary danger? Sheesh.

Anyone know how to get in touch with Larry Flint?

If you'll recall, Larry Flint has used his fortune to further the cause of fighting hypocrisy among Republicans on sex witch hunts.

Remember? In 1998, he offered a $1 million reward for information on Republican sex scandals during the Clinton impeachment affair. That nabbed House Speaker Bob Livingston in an extra-marital affair and prompted him to step down. He also offered a similar sum for information on Mitt Romney's unreleased tax returns and has been a staunch supporter of LGBT rights over the years.

How about it, Mr. Flint? What about a reward for information on sex, bribery, or financial scandals on Republican members of the legislature?

With the gerrymandering and Koch-Pope money behind the politicians in Raleigh, the light of day might be the only thing that starts scattering these cockroaches out of office.