McCrory endorses Dumb AND Dumberer

If you think the slate of Republican crazies running in the 8th District is bad, you ain't looked at the 7th District yet. The pickings there are so slim that Pat McCrory has endorsed two out of three Republican contenders in hopes that one of the sad sacks might somehow get some traction. It's been a lesson in screw-up from the get-go, that could qualify as a clinical trial for narcissistic personality disorder.

McCrory's first non-endorsement endorsement went to Will Breazeale, whose been a magnet for friendly fire since his campaign opened. At the time, Breazeale was the only candidate in the race, and I'm guessing McCrory knew nothing whatsoever about him. He should have dug deeper, and may have, now that he's also endorsed one of Breazeale's primary opponents, Ilario Patano.

The Fayetteville Observer has covered the mess.

Will Breazeale, who failed to unseat McIntyre two years ago, said his opponents are opportunists who jumped on the Republican ticket. Ilario Pantano switched to the Republican Party last year, and perennial candidate Randy Crow has tried to run for president as a Democrat.

“Both my opponents are not true Republicans,” Breazeale said.

That would be the same Will Breazeale who switched parties from Democratic to Republican five years ago, willing to do almost anything to see if he could win an election.

Pantano, on the other hand, carries the illusion of sane, having only once been accused of murder, then exonerated.

Pantano was charged with murder in 2004 for unloading two clips of ammunition into two Iraqis who he said made a threatening move toward him during a raid. He then hung a sign over them. His commander decided to drop the case before a trial, exonerating Pantano.

Melvin Williams, chairman of the Democratic Party in the 7th District sums it up well. He says Blue Dog McIntyre will win this year by “a huge margin.”

Pantano’s past will turn off voters, he said, and so will Breazeale’s. Williams said voters won’t forget Breazeale’s child support issues that became public in the campaign two years ago. Voters always seem to remember things like that about candidates,” Williams said.

McCrory can't win for losing in this clusterfuck. It's no wonder he endorsed both.


The 7th district can't seem to field good candidates

from either party. McIntyre will likely win big because "conservatives" have been writing the papers thanking him for voting agains the health care bill and encouraging him to switch parties. Democrats would like to spit in his eye, but there's no one else to vote for. Mr. Williams likes Mike and regardless of Mike's voting record seems unwilling to help find a candidate to oppose McIntyre.

So, I guess we'll likely have another 2 years of blue doggery.

Stan Bozarth

He serves his district well is why he will win

And he is very popular with most Democrats in his district. It is a district in which only 28% of registered voters are republicans, while 57% are Democrats, Only the 1st and the 12th have a higher percentage of Democrats. He gets around 70% of the vote in his district when he runs, and Mr. Williams job is to get Democrats elected, that is what party chairs do. So why on Earth would he want to recruit of primary challange on someone who has a proven track record of winning votes. McCrory is getting involved in this race because he also lost this district to Purdue in 2008, and he wnat s to make inroads there, of couse in typical Pat McCrory style he has bothed this, but why do you want the Democrats to try to out botch the Repulicans.

Another part of his job

is to promote Democratic Party principles, which is evident from perusing the 7th's website:

©2009 Paid for by the North Carolina Democratic Party.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Do you want to help ensure Democrats win in 2010?

This year, when you file your taxes, be sure to check off the Democratic Party under NC Political Parties Financing Fund.

And here is our Party's Platform (pdf), which I'm pretty sure Mr. Williams voted for, in case anybody's interested in what being a Democrat in or from North Carolina is (or should be) all about.

I don't know how many of you have read this, but I see very little evidence that Mike McIntyre has.

it's really not a party officer's job

to recruit primary candidates. It's to help elect the democratic nominee. The NCDP bylaws are actually pretty clear on this subject saying that no elected party officer can run for office in a contested democratic primary or work full-time for a candidate in a contested democratic primary.

McIntyre will be fine this year. As much as I disagree with a lot of his politics, everything I have heard from his constituents indicated to me that he is a very good congressman. However, both of the GOPers mentioned above raised more money than he did this quarter, which is a bad sign. I think a lot of incumbents like Rep McIntyre are going to have to run harder than they have in the past to get through this brutal year.


I wasn't the one

who suggested Williams try to find a Primary opponent for McIntyre, but It's good to have those bylaws aired here.

I will say this about the NCDP and its Platform: When an elected official (and candidate) like Mike McIntyre can vote the way he does and still enjoy all of the local and state Party's support, it makes a mockery of not only the upper echelons of the Party, but all those folks that bubble up and form the EC that create and support the Platform.

It's a disconnect, frankly, and it will ensure that many of the good ideas in the Platform itself will never have a chance.

Platform has been a mockery for some time

I have not read the platform in many years, few Democrats do, I think the GOP actually does read theirs and keeps it Holy but not us. Some years back my state senator of Pitt county said "The problem with the platform is its written by people who do not have anything better to do with their time, and they write something that is something fit for Utopia not the real world." These guys are elected by the voters not the party EC, I challange you that if you wish to have officals follow the platform then write one that most of the citizens of North Carolina can idenity with, not just most of the folks in a room at the platform committee thinks.

Citizens, or Democrats?

if you wish to have officals follow the platform then write one that most of the citizens of North Carolina can idenity with

Seriously, if delegate approval of the Platform and Resolutions is not "representative" enough of what Democrats in North Carolina want, then what do you suggest? Writing the Platform straight from a Civitas poll?

"51% of respondents favor the death penalty, so the North Carolina Democratic Party favors the death penalty."

And as far as your former state senator is concerned, it's that kind of vision-less attitude that's allowed elected Democrats in this state to wallow in good-ole-boy politics and corruption. The real world sucks, and it takes guts and resolve to make it suck less.

Amen, brother

The real world sucks, and it takes guts and resolve to make it suck less.

I am sorry you think the world sucks

I am somewhat more greatful for what I have but thats me. As for the platform use you brain I have read your stuff you have good intelligence. What groups outside of politics do you belong to, I coach baseball, and basketball, I am a cubscout den leader, on my college alum board, and the rotary club. I listen to these folks, they have political ideas and it keeps on the pulse of what is real, not just going to party events and listen to folks preach to the choir.

In the end though you have a choice you can either keep writing platforms the way they are, and be hurt when the elected officals do not read them, let alone follow them, or you can write platforms that are more likely to be followed and wish you could write something more to your liking. Either way you are not going to get everything you want it just up to you which way.

The Party platform

comes from the Grassroots of the Party. It is the most directly democratic document of the moment that exists. If you don't like what's in it, maybe you should go to all the meetings where it is crafted and put your 2¢ in there.


I think every Democratic Legislator from the state should be required to read it and sign her/his name stating that it has been read.

I second that emotion

And if they don't agree with parts of it, fine. Tell us what you don't agree with, and maybe why, but the argument's not important. Only the warning that you don't plan to adhere to x and y of the Platform.


I do not go to many of the meetings because I have better things to do with my time, like my wife and children. I am a Democrat because I believe in values which nationaly stretches from Andrew Jackson, the first man to run under the name Democrat, to William Jennings Bryan, to Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman even Bill Clinton, it does not mean I agree with everything they did all the time, just there overall beliefs and how they preformed as President. And it North Carolina, that means Veb Vance, Charles Aycock, Clyde Huey, Max Gardner, both of which I am related to, Sam Ervin, Everette Jordan, Dan Moore, and Jim Hunt. Once again I may not have agreed with everything they did but overall I do.

However the last time I read the party platform, which was around 2005, I found very little if that resembles what the party these great ones built. The problem I found very little of what was written in it, was something I could agree with. Either it had the wrong priorities at the front of the list or it just had things which were plain wrong.

But I also discovered this, outside of the few folks who show up for things, few folks read it, few folks, including Democratic party elected officals, follow it, and few folks care what it says. When those folks go into the voting boothes and vote for the Democrats, they are not voting for this little known platform, but for the candidates they believe in. If we actually had to defend that platform, then North Carolina would become just as much as a Republican state as all our bordering state have become.

Potential challengers intimidated.

Rep. McIntyre is clearly intimidating to potential primary challengers, in part due to his strong financial position. According to his first quarter report, he had over $800,000 in the bank. Nearly $200,000 of his haul came from dozens of PACs, including those representing the banking, medical, realtor/builder, utility, and industrial sectors. They like his votes.

Even though the district is strongly Democratic, it's also largely rural and conservative. McIntyre occupies the ideological/issue space between a contemporary mainstream Democrat and a contemporary "moderate" conservative Republican. If one can manage to attain office with that perspective, then in such a relatively rural and culturally conservative district the officeholder becomes tough for candidates from either direction to dislodge.

Dan Besse

Sidebar: McIntyre/Kissell compared

Fascinating note I turned up while comparing McIntyre and Kissell's contributions record.

McIntyre's current account balance is strong at $800,000 plus, while Kissell's is weak (for an incumbent in a competitive district) at about $325,000. In comparing the source of their contributions, however, the comparison is even more dramatic.

McIntyre does have a substantial base of individual financial support. During the 2009-10 cycle, over $500,000 of his dollars came from individuals. Kissell, however, has taken in over $440,000 from PACs, and only about $150,000 from individuals.

Examine which PACs gave to Kissell and WHEN here:

Included are Blue Cross / Blue Shield affiliated PACs contributing a cumulative $5,500 with donations on 11/20/09, 11/30/09, and 3/1/10. Carolinas Healthcare affiliated PAC a total of $5,000 with drops on 3/17/10 and 3/25/10. National Association of Health Underwriters PAC, $3,000 on 3/17/10. There's much more.

Dan Besse