McClumsy Strikes Again

McCrory was on hand to witness the school's retiring of Sam Jones' jersey. The ten-time NBA champion played his college ball at North Carolina College.

Though there are transcendent moments, politics and sports are not always inseparable. Thursday night was clearly one of those moments, as North Carolina Governer Pat McCrory was booed at a North Carolina Central basketball game Thursday night.

They are booing Pat McCrory at this Central right now. He just called NCCU NC State
— Eboni Christmas (@EboniC25) March 6, 2015

This is why McCrory will not win re-election. He does not really know our state. He may know Charlotte, and that is fine, as mayor. But to repeatedly not know where you are is not acceptable. Where is his staff?? Does he not have someone on staff to remind him of the right words to say?

Just imagine how his lawyers feel! He can't get the name of a college right so he probably gives them incorrect info as well. His accountant must have fits trying to do his taxes.

This is just one incident too many. He will not be able to win another election.




Tweets from tonight:

Gregory Webb Jr. ‏
The governor of NC needs to run. He doesn't know what school he is speaking at. He stated " NCSU" is a great school. He is speaking at NCCU

Liv ‏@localbumLiv
#NCCU and #NCAT boo'd the entire fuck out of the pat McCrory tonight

Cooper Blackwell ‏
Love my #HBCU !!
Maybe Gov. McCrory should spend a little more time with us! #nccu

Graduation Countdown ‏
#NCCU we definitely just booed Governor Pat McCrory

B.C. ‏@ItsKingBrody
Did Pat McCory really call NCCU, North Carolina State? ‏
RT @TheOtherDarius: Hearing that @PatMcCroryNC was booed at NCCU today, made my day

Sephra ‏
Bahahaha E-Funk!!!! "@mr_ector_: NCCU RT @sephz2much: What school?? "@mr_ector_: My school ain't shyt! Booing the Governor of NC""

SquidwardTennisballs ‏
They booed the governor at NCCU tonight. Bless.

Phil ‏@pboydjr
Stood up and booed the state governor at the #NCCU game

Nini 3|17 ♓️ ‏
No respeckkk RT @DTatum_GM: #NCCU booing @PatMcCroryNC #RightfullySo

Pat's speech

Got a copy of Pat's remarks at NCCU:

Thanks y'all. Great to be here at State. NCSU is a great school. One of the great schools here in Charlotte, which is the capital of South Carolina. And Sam Smith was one of the great football players here at NC State. When he stepped up to the plate, you could count on a base hit a lot of times. But then, that's what we've come to expect from the great athletes here at Eastern Appalachian Western NC State college!

[at this point, in the midst of deafening boos, Pat flashes his crooked smile, waves and says to one of his aides, "Tweet out that they love me here at wherever and that I'm proud to be whatever"]

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Hah! :)

That reminds me of that movie Hot Shots, where Lloyd Bridges is looking at a photograph on the wall complaining about how lazy the people were, how he'd been watching them for a half an hour and they hadn't moved at all. ;)