McCain's pick for veep

Was it because Romney is too wealthy (and has nauseated the country)?

Was it because Lieberman is not a right-wing Christian?

Was it because Pawlenty is a man?

Was it because there is no well-known Republican possibility who wouldn't be a liability for McCain?

Was it because he thought he needed someone who, like Biden, has a "compelling personal story"?

Or was it because McCain wants the focus to be on him and him alone, so he picked a candidate who would "Palin" comparison?


My two cents....

I believe Senator McCain wanted somebody who lives in one of the energy rich states. I don't think Senator McCain could have done any better. Did you know that one of her children has Downs? I bet she has a ton of compassion, which is missing in America.


As bad as you think the GOP is, why isn't Senator Obama 10 points ahead? I hope you keep thinking that we are too far gone to win. If the Democrates continue to ignore the fact that we are in it to win it, November 2008 will hurt more than November 2000.

Senator Obama left the door wide open when he didn't pick Senator Clinton for VP. Poor decision making is no more evident that with that snub of Senator Clinton.

Using your terrible logic...

How about McCain's "snub" of Romney? Or should we make an ad out of it..

"He received millions of votes...Why isn't he in the ticket?"

Romney never in the running...

You saw how the media focused only on Romney's religion, MSNBC made Romney nothing more than GOP North East. He was never seen as more than a Morman by the public. As much as we differ in understanding other races, we are even worse at understanding other religions.


It is not true to say that the "media focused only on Romney's religion". There has been much discussion of Romney's wealth, business experience, management of the Olympics, Governorship of Massachusetts, health care policy and other issues though his policies in general did not have much depth.


There was no Downs in the POW camp. - Non Sequiturs for McCain

She may have tons of compassion but apparently not an ounce for victims of rape and incest impregnated by their attackers.

McCain's choice

I think it shows that he's bonkers.

Here he is, an old guy who has anger issues and could keel over with a heart attack or stroke, and in his stead would be this very inexperienced person whose only apparent draw is her anti-choice stance. I guess he thinks he can grab up the religious right wingers who've been not so keen on him.

I applaud any politician for standing up for and implementing ethical reform, but is her brief stint in that role so impressive that it qualifies her to be President? And how many of us are expected to believe that the people McCain works with are going to change anything about their m.o.s just because he's brought her onboard?

Is her presence supposed to take our mind off of the wag-the-dog manuevering in Georgia?

She's overqualified for VP

As a moose hunter, she has probably never shot her hunting companion in the face.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire


The man is married to Barbie ... he picks Snow White as his veep ... is there a pattern emerging here?

Inflatable Party Doll

....that would be his choice for Secretary of State.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

What a pair

McCain can't remember how many houses he owns and his vp pick doenst know what the vp does.

Quite a pair they make.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

Distraction, distraction, distraction

that's what picking this girlie girl is all about.

Distract the Dems with a bright shiney object...maybe they will tire themselves out hooting and hollering about how she's not qualified, she's being investigated, she's anti-abortion, etc.,etc.,etc. and forget to keep working to put Obama in office.

Don't fall for it!

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina

Girly girl???

She's taxing the crap out of the oil companies in Alaska, and they like it. Alaska actually has a surplus, when's the last time you heard of a state having more revenue than expenses?

Granted she's anit-abortion, did you want her to abort her fifth child after finding out that she was Downs? Maybe Senator Obama could have assisted with one of his pro-live birth abortion laws.

Alaska the welfare state

The oil companies don't "like it". The Alaska state legislature actually passed taxation at a higher rate that Palin requested and they did it over the opposition of oil companies.

"Clearly, from the investor standpoint, Alaska has become a less attractive place to invest exploration and production dollars," said Marilyn Crockett, executive director of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association.

John McCain has opposed windfall profit taxes such as those supported by Palin.

...oil-industry officials contend the tax already has affected investment decisions.

BP Alaska, which runs Prudhoe Bay, said earlier this year that it had delayed the development in the western region of the North Slope as a result of the tax. ConocoPhillips cited the same reason for scrapping a $300 million refinery project.

"What the tax has done is take away all the upside," said Doug Suttles, president of BP Alaska. The U.K.-based oil company paid more than $500 million in taxes to Alaska last quarter — far more than it earned in profits from Alaskan oil, according to Suttles.

Alaska has no personal income tax and no statewide sales tax. Alaska is the only true welfare state in the United States paying dividends to its residents that have doubled since 2006 just as oil tax revenues have double since 2006 but in far greater amounts than the distribution of dividends would suggest, hence the surplus. The economics of the Alaskan government have very little relevance to national economics.

Thanks for taking the bait....

Gregflynn - Did you ignore the QBQ? I put a statement of taxes in there to flip the common Dem stance. Please share your statement with other Senator Obama supporters about how companies don't like to pay higher taxes, and often stop research/expansion projects when faces with higher taxes. If Senator Obama gets into the White House, big business is going to give many of their workers a long four-year vacation, of course without pay. Higher taxes will only stimulate overseas jobs/projects.

It is good to see healthy discussions about impacts of either party getting elected.

I do like how Palin works with all parties to get things done. I think she will bring some of those PUMA backers.

Good luck.

I don't know how those "PUMA" backers

will feel about a woman who can't handle confidential meetings without having her husband present. (h/t to our good friend Fake Consultant)

McCain goes for beauty queens he can exploit. This is hardly news - he's done it in two marriages, now, in the most important political decision he could have made, he did it again. If he really wanted to go for the "PUMA" vote, he could have gone for Susan Collins of Maine, or Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas. Instead, he went with an inept, inexperienced beauty queen who doesn't understand that just because her religion tells her that she and her husband are "one person" doesn't mean that she can include him on confidential state business.

This is going to really hurt him. I honestly thought he was smarter than that. This woman is so light years behind Hillary Clinton it isn't funny.

Spin doctor in the house

I'm more interested in the irony behind the irony than the question behind the question. I find that questions in comments are often rhetorical with no expectation of an answer, which is why I often answer literally. I like to coax the predator from the bushes, or should I say Bush, to become the prey.

The "welfare state" is a Republican construct. Republicans are spinning Palin's record every which way.

Maybe nobody of substance wanted it?

I am guessing no one of any substance in the GOP wanted the position. Anyone with any political clue should be able to see the hand writing on the wall and not want to be a part of this political Titanic.

Have you ever heard of a liberal shooting up a church?