Mayor Randy Voller leads workshop at PDNC State Convention


Randy Voller, recently re-elected mayor of Pittsboro, Chair of the Chatham County Democratic Party, and the force behind Chatham County's electoral U-turn earlier this month, will lead the workshop on how to grow a new generation of elected officials who will represent the 99% by recruiting, supporting, and electing progressive candidates beginning at the local level.

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina

2011 Annual Meeting

Saturday, December 3, 2011

9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Orange County Campus (OOC)

Room 201

Durham Technical Community College
525 College Park Road

Hillsborough, NC 27278



Please note that most GPS system software has not been updated to include the Orange County Campus.

From the East: Take I-40 West to Exit 261. Turn right from ramp onto Old NC Highway 86, travel 0.1 miles and turn right onto Waterstone Drive. Travel 0.2 miles and turn left onto College Park Road and right into the OCC parking lot.

From the West: Take I-40/I-85 East and stay on your right on I-40 when the two interstates split. Take I-40 Exit 261. Turn left from ramp onto Old NC Highway 86, travel 0.1 mile and turn right onto Waterstone Drive. Travel 0.2 miles and turn left onto College Park Road and right into the OCC parking lot. If you missed the I-40 split, take I-85 until Exit 164. Turn right on ramp onto Old NC Highway 86 and follow the from the North directions.

From the South: Travel on NC Hwy 86 (MLK Blvd in Chapel Hill) for about 9 miles towards Hillsborough; turn left at Waterstone Drive; travel 0.6 miles and turn right into the OCC parking lot. Or take 15-501 North until the I-40 interchange, take I-40 West and follow the “from the East” directions.

From the North: Take I-85 South to Exit 164. Turn left from ramp onto Old NC Highway 86, travel 1.5 miles and turn left onto Waterstone Drive. Travel 0.2 miles and turn left onto College Park Road and right into the OCC parking lot.

Busline: OCC is a stop on the Chapel Hill - Hillsborough line served by Triangle Transit Route 420

Registration: $10.00 (scholarships available upon request)
Pre-paid Lunch: $10:00 (please register early if you want to have a boxed lunch)
Catered by Weaver Street Market, Hillsborough

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Quite possibly

There are some potential family issues brewing on the back burner, but unless something bubbles over, I should be there.

I'm going

for the afternoon.

BlueNC representin'

I love it when you guys show up. There's so little chance for face time in the blogosphere.

Here's the day's agenda for anyone else considering coming:

8:45 am Set-up

9:00 am Registration

9:30 am Welcome and Introductions

9:40 am Randy's Workshop

11:40 am short break

11:45 am Move to Amend presentation and resolution

12:15 pm Lunch and informal Discussion

1:00 pm What is the future of public financing of elections

1:20 pm Transparency and accountability after Citizens United

1:40 pm Campaigns without candidates: defeating the marriage amendment, protecting voter rights, creating an independent non-partisan re-districting commission

2:00 pm break

2:10 pm OWS Video

2:30 pm PDNC's future in a changing world -- roundtable discussion

4:30 pm adjourn

5:00 pm take down and clean up

Just got back

I just got back, and it was a really great event from the parts I was able to participate in. We talked about the worrying implicaitons of Citizens United, and ways to address the issue through education (including education about Art Pope's influence), through supporting public campaign financing to give people the option to run for office without financial strings attached, and about a constitutional amendment at the national level to combat Citizens United... and how getting organizations and municipalities to pass resolutions in support of such an amendment is an important step in that direction.

We talked about the need to fight back against attacks on voting rights like the very restrictive photo ID Bill, and attacks on early voting. And how it is important to be reaching out to County Boards of Election right now to tell them to have at least as many voting sites as in 08, to have them in good locations, and with good hours, and to reach out to County Commissioners to remind them about the important of funding for these so everyone can exercise their right to vote. Chapel Hill Councilman-Elect Lee Storrow was there too, and pointed out the important of having sites near college campuses with the specific transportation issues they face.

There was a good bit of discussion about the marriage discrimination amendment too, and how a lot of the attacks on citizens of all stripes coming out of this general assembly really trace back to the big money in politics issues that put them in office in the first place. And I carved out some of my speaking time to show this little video (below). Overall, a very good event!

Mayor Voller was very inspiring

The most memorable message I took away from his talk was while elections are important, bringing about positive change to the community via policy and performance is the end goal of the whole thing.

I think we spend too much time and effort estimating the electability of some candidates, and not enough time estimating how well they will serve us once elected. Maybe if we changed that around a little bit, politics wouldn't be such a distasteful game.

I am not sure that I agree

I am not sure that I agree with this way of soliciting donations or gathering data. If someone texted me and asked for a donation, I would immediately test stop and taking them off of my list of organizations I donate to. I do not have unlimited texting and I think that it is presumptious to think that everyone has unlimited texting or wants to be texted by their favorite nonprofit.

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