On matters involving Pantano

From the Pantano for Congress website:

..."McIntyre’s liberal friends at the North Carolina Democratic Party have chosen to fund and operate a renegade “illegal” website, FactsaboutPantano.com, to further defame Pantano and even to attack Pantano’s wife. The website does not have the necessary disclaimer required by Federal Election Law to show that it is paid for and authorized by the North Carolina Democratic Party. That’s because they don’t want to be tied to baseless accusations and distortions found on the site. However, a quick search of the “WhoIs” online directory reveals that the site is registered to the North Carolina Democratic Party and Andrew Whalen, the Party’s Executive Director. Whalen is not unknown to McIntyre after serving as a long time staffer for McIntyre’s closest congressional partner and ally, Heath Shuler."

This is what the Democratic Party in NC stands for and stands behind? An anonymous attack site with comments turned off so that we, the citizens, can't add our two cents either pro or con? Plus, they are spending money on paid Google ads using Ilario Pantano's name as the keyword. That's the best use of donations to the NC Dem Party?

Unbelievably sad. Reminiscent of Tricky Dick Nixon and smear campaigns and dirty tactics. Disgraceful.


nobody affiliated with the GOP in NC

can complain about third party money. Nobody.

P.S. Ilario Pantano is either a murderer or a horrible shot. Either is a definite problem in a Marine.

two full magazines to eliminate two unarmed prisoners?

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

ROTFLMFAO! So, now it's there on the masthead! Fancy that!

All it took was a press release, a few reporters, and some bloggers and twitterers, and now, all of a sudden, there's a masthead.

And, there is nothing to debate. If Dems really think this hasn't been hashed through, in, out, over and under, for the past 5 years, then I guess Dems do think that southern republicans are all hicks from the sticks and crackers, and don't know shite from shinola, eh?

Though, if I did want to debate what the losers put up on Factsaboutpantano.com, fact still remains that they have comments turned off. So, it's just meant to be a site to lure people into reading it as "fact" and then not allowing anyone to debate at all.

How very "democratic."

You know.....

You have an original post and two comments here that have done nothing to refute any claims made in the site you reference. This leads me to believe that whatever is posted there is true and you just don't like it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Not to mention...

I (and I'm sure many others reading this) had no idea this website existed. But now we do. :)


Enabling or not enabling comments is the right of any website owner to do as he or she wishes at any time. I am under no obligation to provide you with a platform to express yourself here at BlueNC, just as the NCDP is under no obligation to care what you think or to pay for you to think it out loud and in public.

And just to be clear, one of the darling political websites of free-market extremists in North Carolina is the Locker Room, a steady stream of baloney paid for by Art Pope, who is likely helping to buy a House seat for Pantano. They've been publishing right-wing nonsense for five years that I know of, and have never allowed comments.

As a new person here, please be aware that we have one rule of order. You are welcome to say whatever you want up until the point that you become intolerably obnoxious. If that happens, I will block you from posting or commenting at BlueNC.

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