Martinez Goes Indy

I try not to give too much attention to libertarian types like Rick Martinez at the News and Observer. They're always full of advice about how government should operate, but the truth is, they HATE government and they suck at it as well. But today Martinez puts himself in the spotlight to declare that he's renouncing his membership in the Republican party.

Before the day is done, I'll make my way down to the Orange County Board of Elections and become an unaffiliated voter. That will bring to a close my 34 years as a Republican. Like Ronald Reagan when he left the Democratic Party, I'm not abandoning the Republican ideals of self-reliance, fiscal responsibility and limited government. It's the party has abandoned those principles and waved goodbye to me.

I'm a political pragmatist. I rarely believe what politicians say. I pay attention to what they do. Like many Americans, I vote my pocketbook. Politicians mainly do one thing well: spending our tax money. When candidates detail all the good things they're going to do, they're really describing how much they're going to cost.

When it comes to being a fiscal burden to the American taxpayer, there is no greater drain than Republicans.

Under the credit-card economics of today's GOP, the debt we're passing down to our children and grandchildren grows by about $1 billion a day. They talk big about controlling government spending, but they rarely do it. It was a Republican-controlled Congress that raised the national debt ceiling last month to $9 trillion, so it could bust another budget.

Behind the fiscally conservative rhetoric are big-spender actions like those of North Carolina Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx. She often rails against wasteful federal spending on things not mandated by the Constitution. Yet she used an earmark to channel $250,000 to the poster-project of pork, the Sparta Teapot Museum. Yes, Virginia has discovered there really is a Santa Claus, and his name is Uncle Sam.

Republicans can no longer claim there's a fiscal difference between themselves and Democrats except for one -- Republicans cost us more.

There's more to the column, and unlike most of what Martinez writes, this is actually worth reading. Go take a look . . . and pay special attention to the last paragraph:

That's another reason I'm becoming an unaffiliated voter. Political independence is the best course for the emerging Hispanic vote. We can lend our considerable support to the party and candidates who offer realistic solutions to America's most pressing problems instead of red meat to their base.

"We?" Did anyone else know that Little Ricky is part of the emerging Hispanic vote? I guess I thought he was an American. Hmmm. Maybe I should go independent too so I can throw my weight behind the emerging Scottish-German vote.


I like the juicy cuts at Foxx

in this work. If he's quitting, I guess it doesn't fit under conservative cannibalism but it sure is fun.

And, after reading your post, I thought about starting an anglo/scots/germanic minority support group until I realized it was the KKK. We've got to do something to redeem our minority's reputation, don't you think? Whitey's United for Tomorrow? WUT?

Virginia Foxx belongs to

CRAP....Christian Republicans Addicted to Pork.


You guys belong in the acronym bidness . . .



Acronym Handling Operations, Ltd.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

can I be the CEO

of AHOL? I'll make some business cards right now. We can be located in Climax.