Mark Johnson is in constant Campaign mode


Abusing the office so he can stay in office:

"I purchase lots of bookmarks. I get free bookmarks from book companies," Burton said. "I don’t need any more bookmarks." But that wasn’t the only thing the Department of Public Instruction sent. Since last year, there have been flyers with Johnson’s picture on them designed to go home with students, posters to go in hallways where he’s posing in with two sheriffs, and emails. Lots and lots of emails.

"We’re getting constant emails from him – email blasts from him," Burton said. "And we never received all that information from Dr. Atkinson before."

It's like Johnson is trying to show his mom how far he can ride his bike with no hands. As if teachers might forget who he is if he doesn't remind them every single day:

"I’m the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, my job is to make sure that we address where we have challenges and we acknowledge those challenges and work to fix them," Johnson said. "But I also have to promote the good things going on."

DPI officials did not offer detailed information on how much this printed material has cost the department during Johnson's tenure.

Johnson says there’s a fine line to walk between doing his job as an elected official and campaigning as someone who could be running for office again. Internal lawyers at the Department of Public Instruction check the emails and other content to make sure none of it violates campaign law.

It's only a "fine line" if you make it that way. If you use every opportunity to get your name out there, with fancy letters on printed material, you have crossed that fine line with gusto. And frankly, if you have to have lawyers check your e-mails to make sure you aren't violating campaign law, you just might be incompetent for the job.



We won't forget

Teachers won't forget who Mark Johnson is and we certainly won't let him off the hook for the way he's advanced an anti-teacher and anti-public schools agenda as SPI. He came to the job with no experience of actually managing much of anything (much less an educational institution) and has spent his time advancing random nonsense and kowtowing to the GOP leadership in the legislature. When the time comes, he'll find that the only thing all that propaganda has done is make teachers even more dead-set on rallying voters against his re-election.

This printed crap

puts teachers in an awkward position. If they send this stuff home with kids it leads parents to believe teachers support him. If they don't, it makes teachers seem political.

Unethical behavior by leaders makes the whole system seem bad, but people like Mark Johnson are too narcissistic to understand that.

My district

fortunately shields us from the stuff that Johnson wants us to send home. If it actually needs to go to parents, they do it directly and don't involve us. Unfortunately, there's no way they can save us from the endless self-serving emails, but at least we can just delete those.