March 7

We are now exactly EIGHT MONTHS from election day. And while it's tempting to stand by and watch the wingers self-destruct, we can't count on their incompetence being noticed by North Carolina voters. We cannot count on our fellow citizens to acknowledge Charles Taylor's ethical shortcomings. We cannot count on Virgina Foxx's constituents to recognize that she screws them over with every vote she makes. We cannot count on the Queen City to see Sue Myrick as a tool Bush is using to destroy America's reputation abroad. The only thing we can count on is our own resolve. We must draw clear distinctions between our candidates and the gravediggers of the Republican right.

I hope you're thinking about your own personal plan for changing the world over the next 8 months. I hope you're sharpening your knives and your rhetorical skills. I hope you're reaching into your checkbook to donate to progressive candidates. And I hope you're well rested. We have a helluva fight on our hands . . . and we know Republicans will stop at nothing to preserve their power. And I do mean nothing.

Democrats I know who are running for office have three driving characteristics I find inspiring: Integrity, competence, and a commitment to the common good. That's my story, and I'm sticking with it.


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I'm with you A. I'm actually thinking we need to push the Medicaid and Land Sale pieces. I think we're going to continue to see articles on this we can refer to in LTEs.

I am also researching the Leadership Pac contributions for Hayes and Taylor. It's a very invovled kinda thing but it has yielded these tidbits that will be going into a diary any day now.....

Hayes as received money from 4 confirmed liars, 4 confirmed and admitted adulterers, one felon, one man under indictment (DeLay), two Reps. admonished by ethics committee, 4 men under investigation for multiple felonies....and that's just from his fellow Congress critters. Most of these people are still serving in Washington!!!

The question posed once it's written is: Are these the people you want to stand with in supporting Robin Hayes?

I've been working on this for about 2 weeks. It's amazing what you learn about the people we elect.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Medicaid, Land Sales & Sleaze

I think these are three important issues, but I have some weirdness going on in my brain about how to handle them. Bear with me for some free-association here.

1. I fear most voters don't give a damn about Medicaid. They think it's for "someone else" and those "someone else's" aren't their problem. That's why I like to look at Medicaid as an example of undermining the common good. Same issue, different framing.

2. Unless Taylor's stupider than I think he is, he'll cave soon on Land Sale and come off sounding perfectly reasonable to anyone who's not following the issue. So I'm not sure how long we can ride it. Which is why I think of it as incompetence. Selling a finite asset (real estate) to fund longterm initiatives and infrastructure is incompetent management.

3. The stuff you've dug up on Hayes is astounding. And, of course, it's the result of his being fundamentally out of integrity. Case open and closed. I see a Hayes poster in my future.

Sorry to go on like this, but this is how I think. At one level, I know it's simple-minded, but then again, that's about all busy voters have time or energy for these days.

Follow my drift?



PS You're the best.

Re: Medicaid

I agree that a lot of people may not care about Medicaid, but it's important to consider its value as an issue for those who do care. People are getting screwed, and it may be that the screwing doesn't change anyone's mind about politics. But it may get the screwees registered and to the polls. The right issue for the right constituency.

Well said.


Thanks, A!

I agree with both of you completely on the Medicaid. I think what we need to do there is keep digging and stay informed so we are ready with a response. I still think it is an issue in more rural areas and having some intelligent well-thought-out LTEs handy will be key so we can respond quickly and strike while the fire is hot and all those other cliches.

I think with the land sale my concern is more that we make sure it doesn't happen. I'd like to see us dig in and do our best to create a public outcry. I just haven't been on top of my game, here.

The data I'm putting together on Hayes and Taylor will be available in raw data and summaries so people can use it the way they want to. I realize that attacking someone's character based on the sleaze that support their campaigns is a GOP tactic but we've played by the rules for far too long. Now we need to play by their rules and beat them at their own game.

Damn...I need some new cliches.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.